How to Shape a Beard


    Top Corporate Beard Styles for 2019

    top corporate beard styles for 2019

    Whether you like it or not, people will be quick to judge you based on first impressions. First impressions matter. They can mean the difference between landing that perfect job, or securing that amazing new client. Eye contact, vocal tonality & body language all have a huge impact on how you're perceived. Your appearance is also critical...

      Traditional Men's Products Tipped to Make a Comeback

      greaser style hair cut with moustache

      The 20th century was like the dark ages for men’s grooming products. Men were only exposed to the bare essentials like a shave soap, after shave, hair gel and a comb to get through the day. Some went the extra step and used Vaseline to complement their hair product or used it as a general healing tool for chapped lips and....

        Grooming Habits of a Boss

        To reach an elite level in any endeavour it's imperative that you develop good habits. Although some rituals may seem inconsequential, over a life time they can have a massive impact on your quality of...

          Five Style Tips to Make you More Confident

          Like it or not, looks matter.  For example, there is evidence to suggest that your sexual attractiveness can impact on your job prospects, success with relationships & your first impressions when meeting someone for the first time.

            Top 5 Male Accessories You Should Do Right!

            tap 5 accessories

            Sometimes it is hard to choose the right outfit. By accessorizing you can...

              Hair Removal for Men – Where Hair Should Not Exist

              neck hair
              Hair is a funny thing. For blokes hair growth is desirable in some areas and others not so much. Grooming your beard can mean the difference between looking sharp or looking like a homeless person. Slicking your hair back rather than wearing it on you face can change how...

                How to Impress a Girl

                  Grooming Tips for Men

                  When you leave the house you want to look your best. You want to make sure you are clean, well groomed and dressed well to take on the day. For some blokes a grooming regime...