Top 5 Male Accessories You Should Do Right!

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Sometimes it is hard to choose the right outfit. By accessorizing you can make any outfit great. You don’t need to be flashy in order to look good, and that’s why we have given you our top 5 accessories every man should do properly. The beauty of these 5 is that will last for a while so you don’t need to worry about constantly updating them.


A watch is a great accessory to have. It can add character to a basic outfit or accentuate a more complex one. While some watches can cost the same as a deposit on a house, these days, you don’t need a spend a lot to buy one that is simple, elegant and ‘timeless’. When choosing a watch we recommend choosing something that is simple and understated. In doing so you maximize it’s wearability and outfit coordination. Another great tip is to buy multiple straps for the same watch. This allows you use the same watch for different occasions without the need of having two or three different time pieces.


Sunglasses are a perfect accessory for enhancing your facial features and give you a bit more character. They are good for blocking out the sun,yes, but sunnies give the wearer greater facial symmetry and definition. When buying a pair make sure that they suit your head shape. Depending on your style and personal preference I would recommend trying glasses on before you buy them, or trying them on at a store before buying a pair online. This guide should be a good start in identifying what frames suit your face.

Any man who has graduated high school or who is of graduating age should have a leather wallet. Gone are the days where you can rock a velcro “Rip Curl” number and appear agreeable in society. As per the watch rule, you don’t need to spend big to have something tasteful. After all, there is no point in spending a paycheck on a wallet and have no money to fill it. Find something leather, simple and big enough to only put the things you need in it. Don’t do a George Costanza and put your whole life in there.



A fragrance is an accessory that people will notice and remember you by. It’s something you might not need to wear every day but is a great thing to wear when you are out and about. In areas that are crowded and noisy, a fragrance is a great differentiating point when meeting new people and may increase your level attractiveness. Remember that using too much fragrance can be worse than wearing nothing at all, so be sparing with your scent so you don’t offend people.


They say you can judge a person's personality by their shoes. When choosing shoes make sure that they are occasion and location appropriate. You don’t wanna be rocking beat up volleys to a fine dining restaurant, nor do you want to wear your dress shoes to the footy. Whatever location try and keep your shoes neat and clean, it is always a better look than trashing them, and you’ll get more wear out of them if you look after them. If you only had 4 pairs I would recommend all purpose trainers, smart casual sneakers, boots and leather dress shoes. In owning at least one in each category you can cover all your bases whatever the occasion.

Remember it’s not the money you spend it’s how you wear things, take care of things and how you carry yourself. I hope this guide has been helpful, and sets you on a better path with your clothing and accessory purchases.

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

Ed: Ben De Campo


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