We want to be the greatest facial hair company of all time!

Whether you shave, grow a beard or sport a moustache, it is our obsession to make products you can't live without. 

Consistency, quality, hard work & love are the cornerstones our brand, and are traits that echo throughout our brand & products.

Designed & formulated in Sydney, Australia, Milkman offers a stylistic, fresh approach to the world of facial hair care. Through our intricate combination of botanical oils, top shelf raw materials & our balance of carefully formulated scents, Milkman has created a brand that will keep you looking, “Fresh Between The Ears”.

There is a preconceived idea that it is unmanly for a guy to pay attention to his physical appearance & that such measures are reserved for the opposite gender. Milkman challenges this notion, offering a range of grooming products that assist in facial rejuvenation, nourishment and yet possess humanistic, masculine scents (no we are not talking about BO). From our natural woody scents of our flagship “King of Wood” Range, to our beach-wood beard-brush made with boar bristle (there is nothing feminine about using the hair of a bacon maker to brush your beard), the Milkman brand is undeniably masculine.

Milkman founder, Ben De Campo, has a PhD in pharmacology, & then turned to the world of corporate law. It was his love of science & the ability to turn something from raw materials into something useful, that led him to hang up his wig & tie to blow the dust of his beakers & lab coat, finding a practical use for his passion. It is for this reason that each & every Milkman product bares a considered formulation, with every ingredient aimed at making the grooming experience amazing.

Luckily Ben's wife Jackee is an experienced business woman who founded her own financial planning services company in her twenties and was willing to put everything into Milkman to make the customer experience as good as it can be. Together they've co-founded a family business that believes in a culture of good old fashioned service. 

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