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It smells so great

I like the musk and manly smell.

Could not ask for a better performing product!

Since growing my beard over the last few months, I decided to 'dabble' in various products. Milkman Beard Oil not only moisturises your beard, it gives an amazing softness and an 'all day' fragrance (which smells amazing) A big thank you to Milkman products!

After Shave.

This is a very good after shave. It has a mild but pleasant smell. As it goes on your face, it has a very pleasant tingle. It leaves a slight stickiness on the skin. Well worth a try.

Original Beard Oil
Scout Fewkes
No more beard itchies!

My beard was so itchy before I purchased a bottle of this magic potion. The first couple of days I thought the smell was a bit much for me but I got used to it being around and now I miss it when I don't use it. 10/10 would recommend to my bearded friends.

Original Beard Oil
Nathan Toal

Furiously nude beard oil is fantastic, I've tried many brands but this is the one I always come back to.


This has an unusual smell that I'm not familiar with. I soon got used to it and now I like the small very much. Give it a try.

Trucker Cap
Kai Png
Best cap

Love this hat. Wear it everyday.
Original. Aesthetic and very happy with the product. - Kai Png

Worth a try.

Very effective washing agents. They smell fine and they do a very good job of cleaning. Equally good as soap and shampoo. I recommend them all.

Beard Cape
Hayley M
No more mess!

I purchased this beard cape for my Husband as apart of our anniversary present. No more shaving his beard over the bin and leaving messy hair everywhere. The cape catches all the beard hair and keeps our bathroom clean and tidy. Thank you!

Body Wash for Men (3 in 1)
Jonathan Cambourn
Love it

I've used Milkman beard oils and shampoos for a while, but this was my first time using the body wash. I won't be going back to anything else. It feels great and has a sweet and woody scent.

Beard Balm
Sean Gosson
The itch is gone...

I've had a full beard for many years but have avoided products as being unmanly. About 6 months ago I had a really bad case of beard itch. I discussed it with my barber who recommended I try a few products. After researching brands on the internet I decided to give Milkman a go. In particular the beard balm which I use daily. The result, no beard itch and a healthier beard. I thank Milkman and my family (who had to put up with grumpy itchy me) thanks Milkman.

Beard Wash (2 in1)
Anthony Di Lorenzo
The only beard wash I'll use

Cheap price, fantastic scent and great cleansing, extra sudsy. I'll keep buying it in multiple fragrances as they're all elite

Another Loyal Customer

I bought these for my brother and now he’s been converted from the cheap supermarket rubbish. Safe to say Milkman has another loyal customer.

Body Wash Eco Refill
Warwick Crouch
Simply the best

I LOVE the Milkman bodywash. Thick, perfectly scented and beautiful on the skin....every flavour makes showering even more enjoyable!

Beard Balm
Michael Bottero
Beard Balm

It has a great fragrance but it’s more in line with wax then balm. It’s the first time I have tried it and it convinces me to go back to another brand that has a more authentic bard balm.

Bloody good beard wash.

Was always skeptical about the need for Beard Wash. This is a great product and combined with a bit of oil after, has made my beard feel the best it has in years! Highly recommend it.


I've been using milkman products for years and I have no desire to try any other products. The way my beard feels and smells after using the shampoo, balms and oils is second to none. Highly recommend!

Original Beard Oil
Curtis Ventura
Absolutely froth The King Of Wood

Honestly, I’ve been using milkman’s products for a few years now. In that time I’ve bought around a dozen of their 50ml beard oil bottles. Easily the best on the market, especially at that price too. Can’t fault the eye dropper either. 10/10 product

Love the idea of a refill rather than buying a new bottle!

The gel is different to what I have used previously, but it works great, and my skin isn’t drying out as much

Whisky and dry sample sachet

I was given the opportunity to try the whisky and dry sample and it was amazing!! it made my skin feel clean and refreshed
A great Australian company! Well done
Thanks Milkman Grooming

Natural Deodorant
Dominic Stone
Superb product!

Lots of really natural lovely ingredients form to make this a super gentle and effective product. Highly recommended. Easily one of the best I have ever used.

Great beard oil

The beard oil helped keep my beard nice and soft and also help with beard growth. Hands down best beard oil I’ve tried


Thankyou for the opportunity to try this product ..
Love the fact that it's shampoo , conditioner and body wash all in one , saves so much time having one product that does it all ..
Lathers up nicely and leaves your hair and body feeling so clean with a refreshing smell ..
Will definitely buy more in the future .

Delicious Collab

Really beautiful product. Feels luxurious and great to use.