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Fresh Between The Ears Podcast (Ep 03) Escobarber

The container barber Milkman Grooming Co Stockist
To be competitive in modern bricks & mortar world it pays to make your shop remarkable. One way to do that is to mess with the conventional thinking that barbers should work out of buildings. Take Michael for instance. He has been ...

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Fresh Between the Ears Podcast (Ep 02) The Barber Club Melbourne

Alex barber and owner of the Barber Club in Docklands

Walking into The Barber Club's shop in Docklands is a unique experience. It's location already wins half the battle. It's a wonderful area to spend time in with plenty of shops, eateries and bars dotted around gorgeous...

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Barberette Crushes Beard Fade

beard fade by barberette

Hi Guys! I’m Jess Smoothy, I manage the Barber Shops in Bundaberg and I am going to talk you thru a beard trim video we filmed at the headquarters of Milkman Grooming. Here is the video, if you want to watch it in full...

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