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A Scientist walks into a Barber Shop…

Rex Silver with Spiced Vanille beard balm

One thing I love about my job is meeting barber shop owners. I see all kinds from those who just want to keep things simple with one or two chairs, whilst others are busy setting up chains of shops across Australia. With regard to retail, it’s just as varied. Some shops...

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Morris J Commercial Van Restoration Episode 2 (The Bare Metal Look)

Milkman van restoration morris j commercial
In the last episode we took a farm wreck Morris J Commercial & gave it a good sandblasting to remove decades of rust & grime. That alone took the van from looking homeless, to looking hipster. After being left for a few weeks though, it's easy to see how it will rather quickly start to corrode again, even though...

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Fun Facts for Pogonologists (Beard Lovers)

bearded statue
That's someone who is seen as an expert in beards, in case you were wondering. When talking to people, slowly stroking your beard will certainly make you seem somewhat pogonologistic. Okay - you might already have guessed that we're not going to be too serious here, but read on to find out much more about beards and those who wore them...

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