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Is a Beard to Men What Makeup is to Women?

before and after beard
Recently I saw this meme about Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos and his beard. The meme shows

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7 Best Beard styles for men with short hair

short hair beard styles
Finding the right beard style for your hair or vice versa can be difficult. With so many different influences and style options, it is difficult to discover the best look for you. For those searching for a new short hair/ beard style, we have broken down some of the best beard styles for men with short hair.

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9 Best White Sneakers For Men This Summer

Image result for Nike Tennis Classic AC Trainers (White)

Winter has drawn to an end. The weather is heating up and that means closeting your jackets and denims and donning some lighter clothes with lighter colours. With a change in seasons also comes a change in shoes to...

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