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Celebrity Beard Watch - Top 5 Celeb Beards 2019

Chris Hemsworth with beard  
Facial hair is no longer reserved for the Bearded Bushman. There are some big-name Hollywood celebs rockin’ an awesome facial do that is totally red-carpet-ready, making beards trendier than ever...

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Clean Shaven Versus Beard

man with beard shaving

 It’s an age old question that has perplexed men for centuries. What is better? Clean shaven or beard?

It used to be the case that a clean shave would always trump the beard. Back in the early days before beard grooming became an...

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How to Style the "Stubble & Stache" Barber Beard Trim & Shave Series Ep 10

stubble & stache
Hi Everyone, Rex Silver again from the Garage Barber Shops in Queensland! Today we are going to create a trending look, the ‘Stubble and Stash’. The star of this look is the moustache, and the....

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