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Everything You Wish You Knew Before Growing Your Beard

man with stubble
When you see someone with a perfectly groomed, full-looking beard, and you marvel at how healthy and stylish the hair looks, we can guarantee you their effortless style is no accident. While his beard styling...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Beard Maintenance

man that needs beard maintenance
Whether you are a seasoned beard professional, and you’ve spent years grooming your facial hair to perfection, or you are a novice pogonologist, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t be doing to take care of your best feature. With beard maintenance a serious must, we take you...

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How to use a Cut Throat Razor (and Do Beard Line Ups at Home)

how to use a cut throat
Cut throat razors can give you that "just left the barber" feeling. There's no better way to create stunning, crispy beard lines and for those that like it 'ol fashioned - to do a clean shave. Get it right, and it can be a rewarding skill that makes you feel gangster. A beard with neat lines looks fuller & neater, making....

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