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How to use a Cut Throat Razor (and Do Beard Line Ups at Home)

how to use a cut throat
Cut throat razors can give you that "just left the barber" feeling. There's no better way to create stunning, crispy beard lines and for those that like it 'ol fashioned - to do a clean shave. Get it right, and it can be a rewarding skill that makes you feel gangster. A beard with neat lines looks fuller & neater, making....

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5 Simple Tips to Make your Beard Grow Faster

speed limit sign for your beard
Thick and rough beards are often seen as a symbol of power and a measure of masculinity in a man. However, growing a moustache or a full beard needs patience and perseverance. It begs the question, what can you do to make your beard grow quicker? This is one of the most common...

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A Scientist walks into a Barber Shop…

Rex Silver with Spiced Vanille beard balm

One thing I love about my job is meeting barber shop owners. I see all kinds from those who just want to keep things simple with one or two chairs, whilst others are busy setting up chains of shops across Australia. With regard to retail, it’s just as varied. Some shops...

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