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Short Beard Grooming Essentials

brendan milkman short beard ambassador
Although a big beard can be awesome. A bit like a pet. A dog or a cat that people admire & want to stroke all the time. But not all men can grow a big beard or necessarily want one. Some guys prefer they way they look with a shorter beard & find it generally needs less maintenance than a long beard...

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Top 5 Watches for Under $200

Seiko skx
Sure your phone can tell you the time but there's something far more stylish & sophisticated about a watch. Whether you have a beard, you shave, have a fade or go chrome dome, it doesn't matter. A good time piece is a fundamental accessory for guys who like to impress. Of course, it also serves a functional purpose in addition to allowing you to express yourself.

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Top 5 Limited Edition Men's Sneaker Releases For 2018

While traditionally reserved for athletes and sports personalities, sneaker collaborations are fast becoming the yardstick for success for celebrities of all types. From social media entrepreneurs to rappers and everyone in between. Style and function are merged, and these highly anticipated sneaker drops, almost always sell out.

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