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Fresh Between The Ears Podcast (Ep 01) Lefty's Barber Shop

Tara from Lefty's Barbershop


We recently went to Melbourne to visit & train our barber shop stockists. A definite highlight was visiting one of the new kids on the block, Lefty's Barbershop. It's been a rising star ever since opening it's doors in August last year. Not only do they...

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How to Shape a Beard

Franco the barber styling beard


Today we’ve got a very special edition post for you. If you’ve got a beard or you’re a barber this is going to show you all about facial hair styling. We are joined by Franco from the Award Winning Barber Club in Melbourne. I was just down there a couple of weeks ago, and in a ten minute period while Franco was out to lunch, we had five different guys coming in asking just for him...


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Valentine's Day - 4 Top Tips for your first date

man sitting across a woman on a date

Like most things, the dating game has changed rapidly overtime and even more so in the past 5 or so years. Gone are the days of the early 1900s where a woman and man would meet - usually at the woman’s house accompanied by a chaperon, after being set up by their parents. Back then, it was all about how well the man could provide for the woman and their future and how good of a housewife and mother the woman would be.


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