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Barbering Beard Styling & Shave Series Ep 1

Barbering Beard Styling & Shave video series
In the first episode of this series, expert barber instructor Antony from The Barbery in Adelaide takes us through 2 beard styles. First up is Darcy, a lawyer from Sydney who came in for a clean up of his hair & beard. We gave him a light low fade & throwback before it was onto the beard. To start, Antony combs in some beard oil to pre-soften & lubricate the beard for cutting. Without a guide, some of the longer strays are trimmed off to get a basic shape...

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Style Your Space - Ambassador A-pinion

Brendan Milkman Grooming Co Ambassador
Brendan has been a Milkman Grooming Co Ambassador since the dawn of time. Not really. But for quite a while, Brendan has played an important role promoting the Milkman brand with regular and impressive Instagram posts showcasing our beard products...

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Grooming Habits of a Boss

well groomed boss

To reach an elite level in any endeavour it's imperative that you develop good habits. Although some rituals may seem inconsequential, over a life time they can have a massive impact on your quality of life. For many of you, there are habits that seem pretty obvious. Commitment to learning, reading books, being social...

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