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Six Common Beard Misconceptions

man growing his stubble into a beard
As anyone who has ever grown a beard will know, there are plenty of so-called ‘pearls of wisdom’ out there surrounding facial hair growth. Bushy-bearded friends may tell you that you must include a moustache with your facial fuzz or to shave first to allow the hair to grow back thicker. 

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Shaving and Beard Maintenance for Sensitive Skin

shave brush with shave cream lather on it
Shaving and beard styling can be an aggravating and painful experience if you suffer from sensitive skin. If your skin appears red and or you feel a burning sensation when you apply products to your face, more than likely you suffer from sensitive skin, and you avoid shaving at all costs...

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How to get ready quickly for a busy day at work

bearded man working at laptop
It happens to the best of us, on the day of your big presentation, meeting or interview, you've woken up late with little time to get ready. Should you find yourself in this situation, don't worry, we have 4 easy tips to share with you to help you look your best in no time at all...

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