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How to use a Straight Edge (aka Cut Throat) Razor (the Ultimate Guide)

wood handle cut throat straight razor
Are you sick of wasting your hard-earned dough on cartridge razors? Do you splutter in outrage at the supermarket when you’re forced to hand over FIFTY BUCKS for, like, eight razors? Do you want a shaving solution that a) works b) is cost-effective and c) is less wasteful of plastic? 

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    Top Winter Skin and Facial Hair Care Tips

    bearded man in winter sun

    Temperature, humidity, sun and wind exposure can all have an impact on your hair and skin. To counter this, your daily routine may change from season to season. As June wears on, winter is fast reaching its peak in Australia. It is essential in the winter months to give your skin and facial hair the attention...

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    Beard Terminology – the full list

    bearded man reading information
    Since beards have come back in the early 2010’s the beard terminology has exploded. If you find yourself speaking with bearded aficionado you may hear one of following beard terms and wonder what it means. To help you out, we've compiled a one-stop beard terminology shop with all the vernacular you're likely to see in the world of facial hair.   

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