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Natural Deodorant
Kelven Kelly
Smells great and lasts all day!

Ould Noir was my choice and I don't regret it.
Smells great and lasts me all day in a Purchasing/Stores role at work in tropical Nth Qld!

Awesome product.

This team knows what they are doing. My wife was flawed, she could not believe how well the products work especially the deodorant all natural but last all day. Amazing products the perfume is so so good and last all day as well. Will 💯 recommend. Thanks thanks guys.


Second time buyer. I’ve tried a few natural deodorants & the milkman is by far the best. I’m trying the bay bounty & loving it, smells so bloody good.

Natural Deodorant
Troy Simcoe
Smell like a God, 😆

I bought the King of wood deodorant and love it it smells insane I'm going to order it in the cologne soon ..

As good as the reviews say.

This stuff smells good and lasts all day (just like it says). It's a little different than I'm use to not being a spray, but it's good. It makes it less wastefull.

Gave it a try, very impressed smells great

I’m a big fan of the three different natural deodorants - very noticeable difference throughout the whole day
Highly recommend buying the espresso body wash smells incredible and I’m lowkey addicted

Overall 10/10 will be buying again

Natural Deodorant
Mick Farrell

This product is amazing. I’m a clean person but using normal aerosol spray just made my BO stronger.
I’ve been using Milkman now for nearly a week. I am literally odour free and I sweat quite a lot (work outside).
Awesome product 👍

love the smell.👍😉

The best of them all

My discovery of these products has been nothing short of exceptional.
The 3 products I purchased are each unique and long lasting with no side effects.
I feel so confident knowing that by day’s end I will be huggable to my wife!!

3 Pack of Beard Wash
Andrew Ormandy
3 Pack Beard Wash

Just received my 3 pack of Noir beard wash and it has 'delicious' fragrance and gives my tash and goatee and lovely soft feel.

Natural deodorant 3 Pack

Bought the 3 pack
Got to say really good deodorant smell nice lasts up to 48hrs
EXCEPT the King of Wood worn it once Hated the smell it gave me really bad Headaches just wearing it the once ended throwing it inn the bin


So good having an Australian made deodorant that walks all over the supermarket rubbish. Smells great. I purchased for my partner, he's given a thumbs up. I will be a return customer.

I’m very happy with the pack all 3 smell great n last for a long time feels better then other deodorants

Awesome pack

Smell great and do exactly what they are supposed to. Their deodorant is awesome too, first natural one I’ve found that lasts the whole day, doesn’t smell like your grandmas house and doesn’t rip up under your arms like bicarb ones do to me. If I had more hands I’d give it 4 thumbs up


I have tried every deodorant out there from aluminium to aluminium free and non have worked until I found this brand, last all day even when working in hot weather. Will definitely buy again.

Good Gear

I'm always a bit sceptical trying something new and I had been bunt in the past with stuff that would peel your face off. I grabbed an oil wash balms and natural deodorant all have been great so far less itch and the scenrs are awesome.
Cheers guys!

Best natural deodorant I've tried

Milkman grooming is the forth natural deodorant company I've tried and they are by far the best. I have quite a physically demanding job and am often in rather hot environments but I can still smell the scents at the end of the day.
Would definitely recommend

Great stuff

Great product I feel better not spraying unknowns

Natural Deodorant
Roland Woodson
Great smelling, tick of approval from the missus!

A fantastic natural deodorant with a masculine subtle smell, I love it! Mind you, the new Sandalorian is an equal match. Maybe time for a new strictly iconic aussie scent? Something to do with burnt gum leaves, camp fires, etc? Just a thought.

Beard Wash (2 in 1)
Josh Stephenson
Beard wash

Love it, smells awesome and my beard

Great replacement for the main stream deodorants

Bought these to try as an alternative for the Main stream Aluminium based deodorants, I have found them very effective, as a carpenter its important for me to smell good while working, the Milkman products achieve this without the use of Aluminium and aerosol

Natural Deodorant 3 Pack
Rocky Mammoliti

So true theses products do last all day long .
Happy to be using them daily thanks heaps...

Beard Wash (2 in 1)
Pete Hughes
Excellent beard wash

Smells great makes my beard super soft love this will buy again for sure

Natural Deodorant 3 Pack
Dennis Perfrement
King of wood

After recently trying king of wood I will be ordering more soon. Great Aussie product

A great scent. Smells just like the deodorant. Doesn't give me a headache when using it.