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Natural Deodorant
Alisha Hone

My husband and son love the natural deodorants. They stay dry all day and smell fresh and amazing.


Recommended king of wood to all my friends for their partners. I am forever dragging my husband in for a cuddle just to get a whiff. It's a strong scent that isn't overpowering but also lasts the entire day. I had a small issue with an item however the customer service team got onto it and went above and beyond. Thank you for the beautiful quality products and wonderful customer service.

Feels and works good

Feels good and works really well. the scents king of wood and bay bounty I really recommend. Oud noir not so much reminds to much of the black smelly trees for your car.

Honestly, best deodorant I have used — including deodorant with aluminium

My partner got me to switch to natural deodorants about 2 years ago and it’s been a mission to find something that lasts all day (let alone an hour), soaks up sweat and smells great.

the oud noir is perfect for those like me who used to use Norsca.

don’t get me wrong, the price is up there but with the amount of sales these guys run, you can’t go past trying it and being converted like I am.

Beard Balm
Doco Dave
Outstanding company & product

If you are looking for an outstanding company and product to use on your beard then your search is over.

The cherry on top is they are an Australian and Queensland company.

Enough said…thank you Milkman!

Body Wash Eco Refill
Anna the Goanna
I can hear the starfish singing

So I received my refill of whiskey and dry body wash in its dolphin saving eco refill bottle and I must say the experience of opening the delivery box exceeded all expectations. Not only was it packaged with surgical precision but the sound of various ocean fauna filling the room along rainbows and shooting stars in a glorious crescendo was something else I must say, cant wait to see what happens when I use the stuff.

Beard Balm
Adam Slatter
Will buy again! 👌🏻

Loved it. 😎

Natural Deodorant
Benjamin Tyrrell
Perfect for sweaty tradies

FINALLY a deodorant where I can finish the day without smelling dreadful. Even after sweating a lot at work I just smell like the deodorant, compared to typical spray deodorants from the big brands where I would stink like sweat 🤮 never again thanks to Milkman

Natural Deodorant
Stephen Meyer
King of Wood Natural Deodorant

Absolutely awesome natural deodorant, that lasts all day, leaves no residue & has a great long lasting scent

Very interesting

At first I thought it was quite expensive, even on sale, however once I put it on, the wife and I loved the scent.

It's not incredibly strong but it does seem to last a decent amount of time.

Definitely one for special occassions

Beard Balm
John Stephens
Beard balm

Been using milkman beard balm for a few years. Tried other brands but these are the best. I alternate between king of wood and freshly baked. Love the quality and the scents. Paired with the beard shampoo my beard is in good shape. Great products.

The best in the market !!

It’s very good product. After using no more flakes on the beard. And keeps the beard soft as well.

Shave Oil
Dragan Sestic
Shaving oil I can not shave without mow

Generally I have dry, easily irritated skin, always problematic day after shaving. Applying shaving oil before I shave ( with Phillips electric shaver) makes skin feel smooth and well moisturized with almost no irritations

Way Exceeds Expectations!

Not only does this deodorant have the same great masculine wood scent that all Milkman's King of Wood products share, but it is completely natural deodorant that actually works! Unlike most commercial deodorants this causes no irritation, and it provides a solid 24 hours of odour protection. I highly recommend trying it - it's the best deodorant I've found!

Works well and smells great!

It's a great little samples box to try 3 of the flavours. They are pocket sized. My beard gets softer and is easier to style when I use the balm and I get comments on how great they smell.

All Class! Wonderful Products

I have been using Milkman for years and have tried other brands during that time. I consistently find myself going back to Milkman because the price is good, the quality is great and they are fast with their deliveries! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Beard Oil 3 Pack
Callum Jones

The king of wood scent is amazing. Such a distinctive fresh scent which isn’t too much, subtle and masculine. Everyone is asking me what fragrance I use!

Original Beard Oil
Kara Kennedy
Milkman oil

My husband loves the milkman oil for his beard it smells amazing. He uses it daily.

original beard oil

I guess it's ok, my brother uses it so I bought him a bottle for Xmas.

Clay Pomade
Isaac D Norman
My go to, everytime

Huge fan of everything Milkman does, but this is always my go to product. Holds well, smells nice and looks great!

Body Wash Eco Refill
Laurence Michalski
Invigorating and refreshing

Great to be able to wash my whole body with just one product. Smells great and washes effectively.

Smells Damn Good

My bf is obsessed with the "King of Wood" beard oil, and the smell is just chef's kiss. This is just as good - if not better smelling, and gets lots of compliments.

Beard Oil 3 Pack
Edward Strong
Best Smelling Beard Oil on the Market

This is easily the best smelling beard oil I've ever used - regular compliments whenever i kiss or hug hello

Great Scent

As a bloke I don’t normal get excited about a fragrance, but this scent is actually great and the wife loves it.

I always come back to Milkman

After extensive online research, Milkman were the first beard grooming products I purchased when first growing out my beard. Over the years, I've experimented with cheaper alternatives, always leading me to be inevitably disappointed and returning to Milkman. Nothing makes my beard look or feel as good, and both my partner and I love the scents (the new Oud Noir is fantastic). I think I've finally learned my lesson and will just stick with Milkman for the rest of my days.