Certified Australian Made Body Wash for Men

All of our hand selected body wash ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers and carefully blended into the finished product and packaging right here in Oz.
man holding milkman men's body wash with Gin and Tonic scent

Why this is the Best Men's Body Wash

We only use the finest quality coconut-derived soaps, moisturising botanicals, & delectable boozy themed fragrances that are lovingly blended by qualified in-house scientists under temperature-controlled conditions at our solar powered factory in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We've developed a men's body wash that's awesome at removing dirt whilst being great for sensitive skin, vegan, eco-refillable & will save clutter in your shower by 66% because you'll no longer need a separate bottle of shampoo & conditioner. If you're not satisfied with our 3 in 1 body wash for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Reviews from our Clean Customers

Why is Milkman Men's Body Wash so Popular?

Our body wash has quickly become one of our best selling products. Here's what some of our happy customers say about it.

These products are the best we have ever had of any type of body wash. My wife uses mine and she won't use anything else. Best moisturizing body wash she has ever used. Have used all versions of these and we Highly recommended everything from Milkman.

Isn S.

Verified Buyer

Loved it . Had some great feedback from others as well!! (Saying that they love the smell of it). No problems with the post as well. Definitely will be buying again :)

Mike S.

Verified Buyer

Smells great, leaves you feeling fresh and clean and lathers up real well.

Conor F.

Verified Buyer

Best smelling body wash I’ve ever used.

Byron J.

Verified Buyer

Absolutely love this stuff. Unfortunately so does my partner and this means any future purchases will have to be hidden away. Remember when you started staying over at your partners house? And they have all those cool and funky products in her bathroom? Well, that’s Karma for you. Now she’s stealing my stuff. Love this product!

Dominic E.

Verified Buyer

Absolutely fantastic 3 in 1 creamy and foams well and scent is stunning. Will definitely buy continuously.

Craig R.

Verified Buyer

A little history about...

Milkman's Men's 3 in 1 Body Wash Range

Our body wash formula was developed during the Melbourne lockdowns in 2020 by Georgie Percival (in-house Cosmetic Scientist graduating from Monash University) & Milkman Co-Founder Dr Ben De Campo (with a Pharmacology PhD from the University of Western Australia). The first batches were made using our own proprietary Whiskey & Dry fragrance that uses real ginger & wood extracts for its aroma. Our range quickly expanded to include other boozy themed fragrances, as well as eco-refills so we can save you money & reduce plastic waste at the same time.