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Our beard oil is one of the most versatile beard products you can buy. It helps with beard itch, it helps with beardruff (dry flakey skin under the beard), it helps with styling, it gives the beard a nice lustre, it nourishes the beard, it helps you grow a longer beard by reducing split ends, and it fragrances the beard (unless you want to go unscented with our Furiously Nude range).

Faq Time - Beard Oil Edition

Frequently asked beard oil questions...

Do I need beard oil?
Beard oil is one of the most versatile products for beards. It's suitable for stubble & big beards alike. If you have facial hair, you'll enjoy the benefits of Milkman beard oil which include increased softness, deep skin moisturisation, a healthy lustre, a stunning fragrance & a healthier looking beard. You will especially love beard oil if you suffer from dry skin under the beard ('beardruff'), or you are growing a new beard that's getting too itchy to bear.
How much beard oil should I use?
First thing, less is more. For stubble, just a few drops is fine. For medium beards, a dropper to half dropper. If you have a large beard, 1 - 2 droppers applied directly into the beard will generally be adequate.
How to apply beard oil
Dispense the required amount of beard oil into your hand or directly into the beard. Then massage the oil thoroughly, being sure to go up & down against the grain to get to the roots. Finish with a beard brush or beard comb as needed.
Should I use beard oil & beard balm together?
Yes, if you've got a longer beard. You may see benefits from using beard oil targeted at the skin under the beard, and a balm to help style & shape the beard hair. If you have stubble or a short beard, either a beard oil or beard balm will be fine used alone, depending on your preference.
Why is Milkman Beard Oil the best beard oil?
There's a lot that makes our beard oil different. It's nut-free for a start. It's one of the most complex formulations on the market with 9 top shelf botanical oils in a finely tuned blend designed to absorb quickly. Our beard oil has things most don't including MCT oil, coconut oil, argan (Moroccan oil), aloe vera extract, vitamin E, jojoba & camellia oil. The final formulation is very light in colour so that it won't stain grey or blonde beards.

the best beard oil - MADE IN AUSTRALIA

Proudly made Australian Beard Oil

We started as a beard oil shop in 2014 so we know a thing or two about how to make a superb quality beard oil. We have one of the most complex formulations on the market to ensure your beard & skin feel smooth, soft & non-greasy. It's 100% botanical, nut-free & vegan friendly. It absorbs at record speed so you aren't left waiting for it to soak in, or wiping off the excess. It's made to tackle the harsh Australian climate so you can be sure this beard oil can cover you in any situation.