Certified Australian Made Beard Oil

All of our hand selected ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers and carefully blended into the finished product and packaging right here in Oz.

Other FAQs About Buying Beard Oil

Here are some other questions we get when folks buy our super popular Australian Beard Oil...

Australia's Best Organic Beard Oil

We only use the finest quality botanicals, that are carefully blended by qualified in-house scientists under temperature-controlled conditions at our solar powered factory in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. That's why we were awarded Canstar's Pick for Best Organic Beard Oil 2022. We've developed the most finely tuned blend of vegan, nut-free, cruelty-free & plant-based beard oils available. If you're not satisfied with our beard oil for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Beard Oil Reviews

Why is Milkman Beard Oil so Popular?

We've sold tens of thousands of beard oil bottles. Here's what some of our happy customers say about it.

The best beard oil I have ever tried. This beard oil is worth every dollar, sure you can buy cheaper alternatives, or you can buy this and give your beard the best caring it deserves.

Blake R.

Verified Buyer

Great beard oil, my beard is short to medium and only require a few drops daily to maintain a great tangle free beard. Prior to using this product my beard would feel itchy and have beard dandruff regularly, now I'm itch and dandruff free and the best is a great aromatic masculine fragrance of "King of Wood" .

Chris P.

Verified Buyer

Love the smell and the softness this beard oil gives. I recommend it to all my bearded friends.

Wayne B.

Verified Buyer

This is the best beard oil on the market! I’ve tried many other products but after using “King of Wood” it’s clear that there is nothing else like it.

Anthony C.

Verified Buyer

Have been using this product for ages and the difference in beard smoothness is amazing with regular use.

Zeon E.

Verified Buyer

Amazing!! This is the best beard oil I have ever used! The smell is amazing and the Mrs loves it ;-)

Shannon O.

Verified Buyer

A little history about...

Milkman's Beard Oil Range

Our beard oil formula was developed in 2014 by Milkman Co-Founder Dr Ben De Campo. The first batches were made in 5 litre buckets & sold on Ebay. Within a year we were stocked nationally through Shaver Shop & a variety of independent barbers & gift stores. Our factory now produces regular manufacturing runs in the thousands to ensure one of Australia's most popular beard oils makes it's way into the bathrooms of guys around the world.