• How to grow a beard? (Are there any products to help beard growth?)

Facial hair grows differently for everyone. Growing a beard simply takes time and patience. The older you get the longer and thicker your beard will grow. Short of getting a beard transplant there aren’t any products that will promote beard growth. For more info see our blog post: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/115076612-so-you-think-you-can-beard

  • How to straighten your beard? (Without chemicals)

There are number of ways in which you can straighten your beard without chemicals. They involve using hair straighteners, blow dryers as well as hair training techniques. Products like beard balm can be used to keep your beard looking straight longer throughout the day. For more info see our blog post: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/115834884-how-to-straighten-your-beard

  • How to make your beard softer?

The way in which you soften a beard is by using beard oils and/or balms. Beard’s become dry and brittle as your face doesn’t produce enough oil to coat the hair follicles. Also when washing your beard make sure that you use only beard safe washes, they are gentler on your beard and don’t strip away natural oils as much as conventional head shampoos. By injecting moisture via the oils you can give you beard a soft luscious beard. For more info see our blog post: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/52365956-what-is-beard-oil-why-use-it

  • How often should I be using beard oil? (Can I use beard oil Daily?)

Beard oil should be used daily. The purpose of the product is to soften the beard and skin, to make it look, feel and smell good. It should be used a preventative for beard itch and to enhance your beard, not as a treatment to beard it. So daily use is recommended.

  • How to stop beard itch?

Beard itch is caused by skin dryness and dry hair. It can be stopped and prevented by using beard oils and balms. Also by using a boar hair bristle brush you can exfoliate your skin remove dead skin cells, hair and debris that cause beard itch. For more info see our blog: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/52363396-how-to-deal-with-beard-itch

  • How often should I groom my beard?

A lot of people ask how often you should groom your beard. Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to the question as everyone's hair grows at different rates. When it comes to cleaning up your cheeks and neckline it could be as frequently as daily depending on the level of beard growth. An important thing to note is that sometimes by beard trimming you can actually accentuate the fullness of your beard. For a deeper insight into the importance of grooming see our blog: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/113563460-the-importance-of-trimming-your-beard

  • How do I grow a fuller beard?

Growing a beard takes time and patience. People’s perception of their beards is skewed from those with big full beards even thinking their beard is not full enough. Beards may seem patchy but sometimes the patchiness grows out. Gaps between patches can be filled out but time is needed. Certain tricks like trimming your cheek lines and neck lines or trimming away hairs that stray away from the pack can give you beard a fuller appearance also. https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/113563460-the-importance-of-trimming-your-beard

  • Where to start shaving my neckline?

Once again this is subject to people’s personal taste and stylistic preference. However generally when shaving your neckline you don’t want to shave too close to the chin line. For a better guide see our https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/112635140-how-to-trim-sculpt-and-shape-your-beard

  • How to soften beard stubble?

Stubble can be softened in two ways. One chemical and one one mechanical. Beard oils can be used to soften the hair on your face and using a boar hair brush serves to dull the sharp pointy ends of new hair. For more info see our blog: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/52363396-how-to-deal-with-beard-itch

  • Will beard oil make my beard look greasy?

Used properly beard oil will not make your beard look greasy. Milkman Beard Oils have been formulated for maximum absorption. We have even included coconut oil which is good for binding the hair follicles. One thing that will make you beard look greasy is if you use too much oil. Your hair will absorb the oil to a point but after that the oil will just sit on top of the hair. So remember less is more.

  • What’s the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Beard oil and beard balm have similar properties when it comes to their nourishing, hydrating properties. However beard balm has greater hold than beard oil. For a greater insight into the differences read:https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/116050500-the-difference-between-beard-oil-beard-balm

  • What to do for a patchy beard?

The large majority of men with beards think that they have a patchy beard. When they look at other people’s beards they think there’s is less full. The best way to overcome a patchy beard is to just leave your hair to grow. Over time as your hair grows some patchy bits. For more insight info check out: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/52350852-tips-for-patchy-beards

  • Is Moroccan oil shampoo good to wash my beard with?

While morrocan oil is good for making head hair softer it may not be the best product for beard hair. Head shampoos are designed to strip away excess oil called sebum which causes your hair to look greasy. Your beard and facial hair is different in that your faces doesn’t produce nearly as much oil.


  • How do I stop my beard from frizzing up/ how to stop my beard from curling?

The protein in hair is naturally curly. When left to their own they will curl. When water is applied or absorbed from moisture in the air it react with the hydrogen bonds in the hair making them curl even more. By using beard oil or beard balm to your beard hair you are filling the hair follicle with oil rather than water. Being full they cannot absorb water from the air which makes them curly. By using a beard balm you are not only filling the follicle with oils but also coating the hair in a beeswax and microcrysaline wax, giving the hair more hold. This will give you beard more structural integrity, meaning that it will stay in your desired style longer throughout the day.  For more info on how to stop your beard from curling see our blog: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/115834884-how-to-straighten-your-beard

  • How often should i wash my beard?

This answer varies from person to person. First of all if you are going to wash your beard you should be using a beard safe wash. It is more gentler on your face and beard hair as it is designed for the different facial hair chemistry. You can get away with washing your beard 3-4 times a week. If you work in an industry where a lot of degreis is entering your beard then we would recommend daily washing.


  • Do women find facial hair more attractive?

In my opinion yes, women find facial hair more attractive. But as every woman is different the question is specific to different women. Facial hair is a sign of testosterone and therefore could promote attractiveness to the opposite sex.

  • When should I start using beard oil?

You should start using beard oils within a few days of hair growth. Most people think beard oil should only be used if you have a big bushy beard. By using beard oil from day one you are softening beard hair as soon as it breaks the skin. By doing this you are reducing the irritation caused by stubble, and add moisture to your skin preventing dryness.

  • Is a comb or brush better for beard styling?

Combing is excellent for detangling and preliminary styling. A great tip is to leave a comb in the shower and comb it while you hair is soft and easier to work through. It is especially effective after you have applied a beard wash as it ensures the wash reaches every part of your beard and is a great way to exfoliate away dead skin and loose hairs away from your face. A boar hair brush is the best tool for styling. It works best after you have applied beard oil or balm. The brush allows you to group and organise your beard hair, making sure that all hairs are groomed into the same direction. A beard comb and brush is a must have for any beardsman.

  • Is it better to use clippers or Scissors when trimming my beard?

There are many schools of thought on this. I you are doing regular beard maintenance every 2-3 days then scissors are perfectly fine. They give you greater control and ensure that you even if you make a mistake it won’t be noticiable. Beard clippers are excellent for beard styling. They are a great tool for preliminary beard scaping, eg cleaning up the neck and cheek lines and are also perfect if you want to give you beard more angular lines. Personally i use both for different reasons but you could get away with just using either of them.

  • What is the best beard style for the office?

In our opinion anything from well groomed stubble to a neat medium beard is acceptable in the office. The most importan thing to note is that by keeping it groomed you can look respectable but if you don’t then it can damage your image in the office. For more info read: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/professional-beard-styles-for-the-office

  • How to grow a thick beard?

Growing a thick beard takes patience. If you are growing a beard for the first time then i would recommend letting it grow for 3-6 months without touching it in order to see how you beard grows. Too many people trim it early or style it without knowing how each section of their beard will grow and end up ruining their beard. I would say after 1.5 -2.5 months of growth that you consult with your barber about what style to groom it in order to maximise your beard thickness.

  • How to eat with a big beard and moustache?

There are two school of thought on this.either avoid certain types of food that are messy or eat whatever and wipe way the mess. Some quick tips would be: use a straw whenever you can, drink coffee out of a takeaway cup, use knife a fork, cut your sandwiches in half long ways, take smaller bites or sips and open you mouth a little wider. For a deeper insight see our blog post: https://www.milkmanaustralia.com/blogs/news/117212292-how-to-eat-drink-without-getting-it-in-your-beard