Certified Australian Made Moustache Wax

All of our hand selected moustache wax ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers and carefully blended into the finished product and packaging right here in Oz.
man using milkman moustache wax in the mirror

Why you'll Love Milkman's Moustache Wax

We only use the finest quality botanicals & mineral waxes, that are carefully blended by qualified in-house scientists under temperature-controlled conditions at our solar powered factory in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. That's why our moustache wax has been a popular choice for moustachioed men around the world. We've developed a finely tuned blend of vegan, nut-free & cruelty-free ingredients for results that last. If you're not satisfied with our moustache wax for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Customer Reviews for our Popular Moustache Wax

Why is Milkman Moustache Wax so Popular?

We've sold tens of thousands of moustache waxes across our online & bricks & mortar retailers. Here's what some of our happy customers say about it.

The Mo-Stick is the best thing the unruly hairs on my upper lip have ever experienced. The Mo-Stick has done the best job (ever!!!) in shaping & maintaining my mo…& let me tell you: it’s long, stubborn & needs a bit of grooming to get into shape. The Mo-Stick Moustache Wax does it easily & with convenience.

Nik C.

Verified Buyer

Happily surprised! I stopped using Mo Wax a while ago coz it was all to cluggy, thought I’d try this one and it’s a goer! Nice and light with decent hold.

Scott M.

Verified Buyer

After searching several major beard product companies I couldn’t find a moustache wax that would provide the hold and stiffness I need to train and style my mo. I have not been disappointed with Milkman. My Mo-Stick allows me to use minimal product to shape my mo the way I like it quick and easy it’s not greasy & feels very light. It holds strong & I can keep it in my pocket if I’ve had an especially rough day & need a quick touch up. At the end of the day it washes out easy as well.

Geoff P.

Verified Buyer

Simple product but great to apply to the mo. So much easier than little containers of firm hold wax, and no waste, it applies directly to the mo without losing so much on your fingers each time.

Craig S.

Verified Buyer

Finally found a great product for styling my mo without feeling too heavy .

Tony P.

Verified Buyer

Let’s your moustache to be styled however u want.

Athan A.

Verified Buyer

A little history about...

Milkman's Moustache Wax Range

Our moustache wax formula was developed in 2014 by Milkman Co-Founder Dr Ben De Campo. The first batches were made in a 7 litre slow cooker & sold on Ebay. Within a year we were stocked nationally through Shaver Shop & a variety of independent barbers & gift stores. Our factory now produces regular manufacturing runs in the thousands to ensure one of Australia's most popular moustache waxes makes it's way into the bathrooms of guys around the world.