Frequently Asked Moustache Wax Questions

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Australian Made

Milkman Moustache Wax is made local to the highest standards

Mineral Wax

We use a refined mineral wax imported from Japan as a base to this moustache wax as it provides a strong hold.


Beeswax is a wonderful natural wax that offers superior hold & waterproofness to the Mo-Stick.


Petrolatum is a mineral-based emolient that allows the moustache wax to be spread evenly over the hairs for a stable & predictable level of hold.

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba is a very hard, plant-based wax that helps to increase the level of hold.

Candellila Wax

Another plant-based wax that is very hard, often used in candles & lipsticks. It's very safe & helps to add structure to the hair for styling.

Coconut Fragrance

A small amount of food-safe coconut fragrance is used to make the application of our moustache wax under your nose that much more enjoyable.

Natural Vitamin E

An amazing anti-oxidant, vitamin E also helps to preserve the beard oil so that it lasts you longer, even with repeated exposure to oxygen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Jak
Absolute Game Changer

I'm new to the moustache game and have been trying to grow a handlebar moustache. I was having some real issues finding a good product that is easy to apply and that. can carry with me. One of the guys I work with told me about milkman and I simply had to give it a try. I bought it with the brush because I'm tired of using combs and both of these products far surpassed my expectations. I get so many compliments now on my moustache.

My only problem I had was that the wax is firm when applied, so if its to hard and you're applying it directly to the hair it can tend to pull some hairs with it. But if you breathe some hot air on the end a few times it applies nicely. Then simply brush through and style!

Troy G

I'm the type of guy I don't want no complex morning routines and the moustache wax exactly helps with that. I've tried a few other that you have to massage in to you hand then apply and to me they just became frustrating. This you just apply on like it was a lip balm for your stash it's so easy then hit it with the brush, give the sides a quick twist if you want and your done easy as that