Why You Should Switch from Aluminium-Containing Anti-Perspirants to a Preservative-Free, Alcohol-Free Natural Deodorant

Frequently Asked Natural Deodorant Questions

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Our natural deodorant formulation is 100% plant & mineral based

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Thomas Mortlock
The milk man cometh and the milk man delivers

Finally found a Great product! Gets the job done morning to night . Stoked it comes in a Pack of 3 ! Stoked to be supporting Aussie made product made in Land of Aus.

Make it in Spice vanille

Make it in spice vanille

Natural Deodorant Ingredients

Milkman Natural Deodorant contains a fine blend of odour blocking & moisture absorbing ingredients.

Zea Mays (Corn Starch)

Corn starch is a natural, fragrance-free moisture absorber that tones down some of that armpit sweat. It helps the deodorant feel dry (rather than wet or slippery) as its applied.

Mango Butter

Made from mango seeds, this butter gives structure to the deodorant & helps it glide over the skin. It's also less greasy than cocoa or shea butter.

Candelilla Wax

A plant-based wax that holds the deodorant together & helps to make a barrier that keeps moisture away from odour-causing bacteria.

Arrowroot Powder

Like cornstarch, arrowroot powder has very little odour of its own, whilst it helps to absorb sweat during the day. It also makes the deodorant feel drying on application.

Coconut Oil

Helps the deodorant to melt into the skin as it's being applied to give you a nice even coverage. Also repels moisture.

Coconut MCT Oil

MCT oil is fantastic for the skin and it also helps the deodorant to "feel nice" and silky as you apply it. Also repels moisture.

Isoamyl Laurate

Another plant-based ingredient to help with the "skin feel" of the deodorant and to aid in getting an even coverage of active ingredients.

Kaolin Clay

If you've even done pottery, you'll know clay can absorb a lot of moisture so we add kaolin to complement the corn starch & arrowroot.

Zinc Oxide

More effective & far safer than aluminium, zinc oxide reacts with (and neutralises) stinky short fatty acids produced by skin bacteria.

Magnesium Hydroxide

Much more effective and less irritating than sodium bicarb, Magnesium Hydroxide alters your skin pH to inhibit bacteria growth.

Activated Charcoal Powder

A wonderful, natural ingredient that absorbs odours. Normal charcoal is activated by making it more porous & increasing its ability to sponge up nasty smells.


We use a noticeable, but not crazy strong level of fragrance which may be beneficial for those with sensitive skin.