Frequently Asked Moustache Wax Questions

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Australian Made

Milkman Moustache Wax is made local to the highest standards

Mineral Wax

We use a refined mineral wax imported from Japan as a base to this moustache wax as it provides a strong hold.


Beeswax is a wonderful natural wax that offers superior hold & waterproofness to the Mo-Stick.


Petrolatum is a mineral-based emolient that allows the moustache wax to be spread evenly over the hairs for a stable & predictable level of hold.

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba is a very hard, plant-based wax that helps to increase the level of hold.

Candellila Wax

Another plant-based wax that is very hard, often used in candles & lipsticks. It's very safe & helps to add structure to the hair for styling.

Coconut Fragrance

A small amount of food-safe coconut fragrance is used to make the application of our moustache wax under your nose that much more enjoyable.

Natural Vitamin E

An amazing anti-oxidant, vitamin E also helps to preserve the beard oil so that it lasts you longer, even with repeated exposure to oxygen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
John Sheehy
The wax helps me create a uniquie look.

I have become known by my moustache. All thanks to Milkman.

Carl Rogers
A good idea

I bought this as I was intrigued by the stick application idea. It does make applying wax quick and easy, however, I've found the hold a little weak compared to other waxes.

The scent is absolutely horrid, the "coconut" scent is the kind of greasy fake coconut scent of sun tan lotion. Which is unbearable when it's right next to your nose.

David Lundgren
Handy little stick for your handlebars

I keep coming back to the Milkman stick. It’s just so easy to always have on you, ready to beat an unruly mustache into submission. If cold it can be a bit flaky before you massage it in properly, but it smells great and doesn’t get too oily on your skin. Best wax I’ve used so far and I’m sticking with this stick!


Long lasting hold with a pleasant coconut smell. It’s my new ‘go to’ stache wax!

John Thomson

Quick delivery and great product