Instagram is a way of experiencing the world without having to leave your house. It will introduce you to new ideas, places to go and things to eat. Whether you choose to do them or not, you can always hit the like button. No matter if you’re on the bus, toilet or killing time at work, these are my favourite Instagram accounts to follow and truly be inspired.




Michael Shen is a Sydney food blogger that combines his passion for photography and food, and takes it to a whole new level. He divulges in the best food destinations around Sydney, bringing the food he eats to life. If you’re in Sydney and can’t decide where to eat, definitely check out his page for some inspiration.



AKA Fatties Burger Appreciation Society is an Australian community based Instagram page where people send in pics and unfiltered reviews of their favourite and best burger eateries around Australia. Burgers are rated out of 1 to 5 pickles while price, location and critiques are also noted. Reviews are taken very seriously, so you can be sure that you can trust what you read. A great page to check out when you’re in the mood for a burger hunt in your capital city. 


hypebeast mens fashion


Hypebeast is an official cultural and lifestyle news page mainly dedicated to street and underground fashion. They post and report about pop-cultural content that is both interesting and inspiring, with shout-outs to artists and celebrities that question mainstream thinking. One of my personal favourites.

men with street style


A great men’s fashion page if you are having trouble sorting out your wardrobe essentials. They post photographs of style driven outfits and give a fresh perspective to different fashion trends. They depict many different styles to cater to every man’s needs.




Here in the office, we are huge Seinfeld fans. @seinfeld2000 is a bit of comic relief that mixes classic Seinfeld scenes and quotes with current events, pop-culture and viral trends. Nothing is off limits, from the sad passing of David Bowie to the latest Star Wars film, these posts will have you both confused and in stitches. 

friendly jordies


Jordan Shanks is an Australian internet comedian and Youtube star that goes by the name Friendlyjordies. He has been made famous on Youtube due to his political satire, commentating and poking fun at many issues that affect politics, economics, and social justice, while at the same time making boring topics very interesting. His Instagram page is full of memes that will leave your head hurting from laughter. A funny page to scroll through while travelling to work or bored at home.


man in suit with beard


Mark Seliger is a celebrity photographer noted for his portraiture. Famous photographs include iconic celebrities such as Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Kurt Cobain, and Lenny Kravitz, among many, many others. These famous photographs skilfully incorporate different lighting techniques that give us a unique perspective to each celebrity.

marine taking cover near a car


David Guttenfelder is a photographer for National Geographic. His personal Instagram photographs are only taken with smartphones, and their quality are astounding. He has an amazing range of photography from landscapes to specific subjects, and his work represents what a talented photographer he is.


celebrity instagram gallery



Rapper A$AP Rocky has a notable account due to his distinctive and unique approach to the layout of Instagram. He takes advantage of the grid pattern to post different parts of a picture to create an entire image over several posts. A very cool Instagram page that reflects his personality and lifestyle.



Cara Delevigne is an extremely gorgeous and funny supermodel whose Instagram is very light-hearted and entertaining. Not only should you follow her because she is beautiful to look at, but also because she gets up to quirky and awesome things in her celebrity life. Her Instagram gives us an insight to what a truly rare human being she is.


beer pilgrim


Simply put “I’m Tim and I’m on a pilgrimage to uncover beer’s amazing story. I’m hopping around the world, one brew at a time, meeting great characters and digging up fascinating stories, to show there’s more to beer than you think. Hope you can follow me on my journey!” Tim is from Sydney, and like most of us loves a beer. He posts quality photographs of his beer travels, showcasing hidden gems from around the world. His journey and positive attitude is sure to rub off on you. Another inspiring Instagram account.

gorgeous gorge


Another community based Instagram page where travellers send in their awe-inspiring photographs taken all around the world. This page will make you want to take a holiday as soon as possible and discover the amazing world we live in.


vintage car


If you’re passionate about anything cars, eGarage is the place to go to get your daily four wheel fix. They publish stylish and professional original content, showcasing high quality production cars. From restored American muscle classics, to modern European engineering, eGarage brings a sense of sophistication to the rev-head culture.

porsche 911


Singer Vehicle Design are a specialist restoration company founded in 2009 that is dedicated to restoring the famous 1989 to 1994 built Porsche 911. They made an appearance on TopGear where James May reviewed one of their modified 911’s and was blown away. What makes this company very special is their capability of installing modern parts such as suspension, drivetrain and fuel injection while still maintaining the feel and function of a classic 911. They also restore the interior of the car with a timeless and extraordinary design.


sydney harbour bridge


Boss Hunting started off as an Australian Facebook and Tumblr content curation page based on life style, technology, travel and people. They post timeless photos of aspiration imagery, while paying tribute to many inspiring events throughout history, hence the name ‘Boss Hunting.’

sky diving


You may have already seen Red Bull’s Instagram account, but it makes the list because it is one of the most successful social media marketing platforms created by any company. Their Instagram is consistent with their daredevil and adrenaline filled brand imagery. They are able to capture the extreme lengths human beings are able to go to and remind us that we are capable of pushing the limits in anything we set our mind to.

bridge climber


This Instagram account was created by Russian climbers Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov who pull off death defying climbs on top of skyscrapers in different world cities. They are able to successfully photograph unique angles of their climb to really put in perspective how high they actually are. If you’re afraid of heights, this account is probably not for you.





Chris Samnee is an award winning American comic book artist. His impressive sketches of classic comic book characters like Superman, Thor and Spiderman are all drawn by Faber Pastel PITT pens from Target and coloured in mostly with a Pental colour brush amongst Zebra, Kuretake and sable hair brushes. Be sure to check him out.

cartoon of guys at a bar        

Good space is an art gallery located atop the infamous Lord Gladstone Pub in Chippendale, Sydney. The gallery is curated by young Sydney-sider Chris Loutfy who organises impressive exhibitions by various local, international and emerging artists. Most of the art is contemporary and captures the culture of a young, modern Sydney which is able to both excite and inspire.


black and white babe on bed


Bossbirds is a spin-off of Boss Hunting which curates the best models of Instagram into a one stop shop for all your female needs. If you need to follow a token babe page, this is the one. The women are provocative and beautiful, and will surely knock you off your feet.

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