It doesn’t matter if you’re a tradie or an investment banker, there is something special about enjoying a pub feed. From a humble $10 meal in the burbs to a $50 Sunday roast at a place with views, there is something nice about going out and enjoying a meal at the pub. But doing it all the time can add up to some serious cash.  Sure you might be able to grab something cheap, but after you’ve had a few drinks and an Uber there and back you’ll find that you’ve spent quite a lot. Not to mention there may be times that you want the meal, but can't be bothered leaving the house.

Wouldn't be be great if you could just re-create your favorite pub meals at home? Be it fuel for yourself or a meal for your friends and family, it’s a shame that you should only be a slave to the menu at your local. We're here to help.  We've created a list of our pub favourites, along with links to the recipes so you can whip them up at home.


Tuesday is the universal day for cheap tacos. At some places, you could be looking at $3 dollars a taco but I guess the standard in Australia is $5 per go. If you are like me and eat a lot then these seemingly cheap morsels add up to be the price of a normal meal and within the hour you are back to being hungry again. Tacos are a great way to cater for large numbers of people and require little preparation.

The beauty of them is that you can just whack all the topping in the middle of the table and let your guests sort themselves out. My favorite tacos are chicken and over the years I have thought of ways to reduce the cooking time and get the food in me as fast as possible. If you like pulled chicken tacos then a quick way to go about it is to buy a pre-cooked charcoal or oven roasted chicken. Shred the chicken and then add a $1 packet of taco seasoning in a pan and stir through with a bit of water, within 5 minutes you have tasty Mexican flavoured seasoning. Everything else by way of toppings is up to you and your guests. Prep and cooking time should be 20-30 minutes. Which would be how long you would have to wait at the pub. If you want to cook it from scratch here is one of my favorite recipes.

Chicken Parmy

Of all the pub classics I think that a chicken parmy is the most quintessentially Australian dish you can order. There is something about the marriage of the Australian schnitty goodness with red Italian sauce, ham & cheese. It's truly beautiful. Even though it’s an obvious choice to order, every parmy tastes different and the gulf between a good one and bad one is quite great, so it is a risky choice when ordering from an unknown source. So why not learn to make your own at home and bring a pub classic to your dinner table. Check out this cheeky recipe here

Zucchini Fritter Burger

It can be difficult for a vegetarian eating out a pub. Your options are basically limited to; Haloumi burger, mushroom burgers, falafel wrap or zucchini fritter burger. If the choice was available the one that I would go for would be zucchini all the way. The layers are simple, bun, spinach, red cabbage, tomato, zucchini fritter, halloumi, sriracha mayo, top of sesame seed bun. If you are a vego, have a vego mate or a trying to impress some chick who is vego then this burger will definitely win you some points. The range of colours, textures, and complimenting flavours will be a feast for the senses. If the thought of a vego burger doesn’t get your mouth watering I dare you to make this and not want seconds. Get your zucchini fritter recipe here


I love ribs, but for some reason, pubs never deliver the goods. They are either too fatty, too stringy and are always too expensive for the amount of meat that you actually eat. The only places that do it well are steak houses, smoke houses or if they're home made. Served with a side of mash, steamed veggies, and some corn, you’d be a fool not to head down to the butcher and get yourself a rack or two. For the longest time I avoided cooking them as I thought you needed a smoker or BBQ to make mouth watering ribs, but I actually found that if you can boil them before you grill them and achieve a tender succulent result. Check out my favorite rib recipe here.  Ribs like these have the additional benefit of being beard & moustache friendly so you won't need to wash straight after.

Fried Chicken

Fewer things are more comforting than fried chicken. You will most likely want to go straight to sleep, but that’s okay. If you make them at home you can do just that after your meal. I find that pubs generally make a mean fried chicken burger or wings but if you ever wanted to make the whole bird few places do it right, so why not make it home. Every time I eat KFC or “the dirty bird” I am left feeling sick and lose a couple of kilos in sweat and frequent visits to the toilet. If you’re stinging for some fried chicken then I cannot recommend this recipe more highly.

Be the master of your own pub kitchen, fill your bellies and impress your family and friends with these pub classics, that I think every bloke should know how to cook. Now I think it is time for some tacos Enjoy!

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

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