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It's amazing how some basic routines can provide compounded benefits if you do them consistently.  In fact the right routines can free up your mind to concentrate on the important things rather than trying to process questions filled with self doubt, like am I dressed properly? do I have parsley in my teeth? or am I having a bad hair day?.

We've put together some simple tips for optimising your day and incorporating grooming into your daily lifestyle .

As a bloke sometimes it is hard to stay looking your best. When it comes to grooming most people don't know where to begin or even how to dress themselves. Grooming might be one of the most important things a man can do to make their days more productive. Now I’m not saying that you need to groom yourself to fit in with certain groups or so that people will think better of you, but the main reason for wanting to do this is to feel better about yourself and not be focused on self doubt. As we all know looking your best directly translates to how you feel about yourself and ultimately your overall outlook on the world.

Think of when you were in high school and you were trying to study but your room was so messy that you could not concentrate, but after you cleaned your room your ability to concentrate vastly improved. Organising the clutter freed up your mind to concentrate and it made you feel in control. Now if you take a similar approach to your grooming practices by looking great, you'll feel great...or at least better than you did.

Here are 8 grooming and lifestyle tips you can implement to ensure you're getting on with your day like a boss, rather than sweating the small stuff, .

  • Making your bed: Seems simple enough, but by doing this you are accomplishing a small task even before you leave your house. It gives you a sense of order that will make you feel calm & in control, especially when you return home from a hard days work to see a clean & tidy place to chill & catch some z's.
  • Eating breakfast: Now I’m not saying you need to eat oats and berries or anything fancy (although that might be a good brekky), but if you're one to avoid eating breakfast or see a coffee and a cigarette as a perfect substitute for a meal then even if it’s eating a piece of toast you might find you do better to have something in your stomach to give you energy. 
  • Getting a haircut: I know some people that get their hair cut twice a month, to some that may seem excessive to others it is an integral part of their grooming ritual. It also depends on how much each haircut costs. If you're looking for a change of pace in your life a haircut is a sure fire way to hit the reset button on your day and step out the barber feeling like you can take on the world. If you are unsure of what a new haircut might look like on you or how to wear your hair, ask your barber what style he/she would recommend for your head shape and for your style.  Many barbers/salons will also offer you a quick touch up for a few bucks if you return 2-3 weeks after your initial full-priced cut.  This won't take long and it'll keep you looking fresh without hitting the hip pocket so ask your stylist what they can do for you.
  • General Hygiene: Showering twice a day is crucial for your hygiene and overall well being. Having a shower before work in the morning wakes you up and gets you ready for the day, a shower before sleep is crucial as being clean helps your body relax and you can get the most out of your sleep. For bonus points, there are supposedly many biological benefits to having cold showers, including improvements in mood & levels of calorie-burning brown fat.  While you're in there, why not also give your teeth a good brush, at least 2 minutes per session.  As a general rule you should brush & floss after every meal but at least do it twice a day.
  • Growing facial hair: Growing a beard, goatee or moustache can do wonders to your personal appearance. If you have a patchy beard and worry that if your grow it you won’t look good, check out our article on how to manage a patchy beard. In terms of getting a sense of what facial hair type suit you try looking at photos online of bearded/moustached men who look similar to you to gauge what look suits your face/style. Again asking your barber might be a good start before you grow your facial hair long. Growing stubble combined with a sleek haircut can be a classy masculine look. A helpful tip when wearing stubble is to clean up your cheeks and neck lines slightly, this will give you a sophisticated look rather than looking like someone who just hasn't shaved in awhile. Remember if you have a beard always keep it trim and well groomed removing all stray hairs. Beard oils are a great tool and assist in keeping your beard from being dry, reduces split ends and also adds fragrance your beard.
white shirt with jeans




Plain colours and fitted garments look great and can be accessorised with belts & watches for added flare. "Simple has it's own elegance"







  • Casual clothing choice: When it comes to fashion it is sometimes difficult to know what style suits you. For the most part the best rule of thumb is to get back to basics. Wearing crew neck t-shirts or fitted shirts in plain colours like black, white, grey or navy blue combined with some straight leg chinos or jeans is a perfect yet simple look. You don’t run the risk of being too flashy but still have an air of effortless cool that comes with dressing down. Remember simple has its own elegance.
  • Cologne/ Deodorant: Choosing signature cologne can be good in establishing your style and boost your confidence throughout the day by knowing that you smell great. Similarly using deodorant is equally if not more important, especially when enduring a hot summer and the smell that is associated with it. Remember less is more with fragrances, sometimes too much is just as bad as none at all.
  • Socks and Jocks: Wearing clean, new underwear and socks is imperative for optimizing your day for a number of reasons. They feel great, look great and are more comfortable. As a result you carry out your days and evenings with less irritation and can be more productive.

    Combining grooming with little tasks throughout the day is a big key in maintaining a well rounded lifestyle. Little things like purchasing clean underwear and socks regularly, smelling great, dressing casual but smart or growing facial hair can help you in being more productive throughout the day and optimising your daily potential.

    Did we miss anything? Do you have routines that you think are worth mentioning here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Author: Kareem Ghaly

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