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When talking to men about shaving, many hate the monotony of doing it every day. Shaving for many men is a chore that gets in the way of more important things. A lot of men assume that shaving is the only acceptable way to present oneself in an office environment. A lot of workplaces do not have concrete rules about facial hair but there is a sense that the office is a beard-free zone. This is not the case. Although it's fair to assume that most workplaces won't let you wear a scruffy beard, if you keep it looking fresh it can give you a masculine look whilst making office life that much more bearable.

Depending on beard style, beard grooming may be quicker than shaving. For example, if you have a short beard, cleaning up the lines will take a shorter amount of time than shaving every day. Yes, you might have to trim every so often, but most men relish the opportunity to do so because their beard is an extension of their personality. Just like buying a car that you’ve always wanted, you will maintain and take care of it much more often because it is something that you love. Also, a well-groomed beard will demonstrate pride in your appearance, which implies that you impart the same ethic to your work. 

Is there only one type of professional beard style? No there isn’t. One beard does not fit all. You have to decide what type of beard will suit your face and your personality. The shape of the beard that you should grow should be dependent on your head shape. For example, if you have more of a round head, a straighter beard will give you the appearance of a slim jaw. Some common office beard styles include.


When kept neat, stubble is an awesome look that adds character to your face without being too flash. A little bit of maintenance is involved, such as ensuring that the cheek line and neckline are always clean and even, so you don't look like a lazy mess. Sometimes, stubble can be itchy. To overcome this, use beard products that moisturise the skin while softening the hair, such as beard oil. Stubble is a style of beard that will suit a lot of men. 

Short Beard

A short beard is pretty much an extension of stubble. It is facial hair trimmed to a setting of 3 to 5 on beard trimmers. This type of beard should be maintained similarly to stubble, with regular trimming and cheek and neck shaving. You can get away with less trimming if you want to let the beard grow out on different parts of the face to even up irregular growth. Beard oil is probably more important at this length because it will keep it looking healthy and neat. Ongoing itch and irritation (if any) will also be soothed by beard oil.

Full & Medium

Actor Jon Hamm is a model citizen for the full medium beard. It is neatly maintained and his lines are always kept clean. Growing a medium length beard can increase your personality. It shows that you are patient, organised and confident. By this stage, your beard itch should be overcome because hairs have fully emerged from the skin. However, use beard balm to start styling your beard and to also hold down those stray whispery hairs that seem to sprout out on the side of the face. Beard balm also conditions the skin and hair at the same time. Use a beard brush after applying beard balm to comb the hair straight and uniform.

The Exception

If you are a veteran in the workplace, you’ve probably earned the respect from your colleagues and bosses. Therefore, you are the exception. Men who are the exception were either born with a long beard and were hired because of it or have worked in the same industry for a long time. People in the office will know you for your beard and not for your work. You are able to rock a cave man style but still be at the top of your game.

Tips for an Awesome Office Beard Style

Maintain from day 1

Start cleaning the beard lines as soon as need be to help yourself go unnoticed in the early yet critical stage of beard growth. For more information about trimming and sculpting the beard, see our previous blog:

Know your office 

If you are unsure whether your office/industry will allow a beard, have a look around at the other men and see what type of facial hair they have, if any. Try and get a feel of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Pick a good time

If you are about to start growing a beard, pick a time when you’re out of the office on holiday, or when it is a quiet or relaxed period of the year. Depending on what type of beard you want to grow, it will take 4-6 weeks to take proper shape. You don’t want to have a 4-day growth and have an important meeting with clients or stakeholders.

Don’t stroke, play or touch

Nothing is more off-putting than someone who is always playing and twisting their beard. Try not to do it, especially if you’re in the kitchen having a conversation with everyone.

Get a haircut

Regular haircuts are underrated when you have a beard. A good haircut will compliment your beard and give you a much more respectable first impression, rather than being known as the ‘Dave the Wildman’
Smile: Full beard and a frown can be intimidating for your colleagues. Crack a smile every so often so you are more approachable with a beard.

    If you are going to take anything away from this piece, it is this, if you ar growing a beard in the office keep it neat and well groomed. Proper care will ensure no one will complain to you about it. A well-manicured beard will look professional and also give you added charisma which will do wonders for your career.

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