7 Best Beard styles for men with short hair

beard style for a short hair man

Finding the right beard style for your hair or vice versa can be difficult. With so many different influences and style options, it is difficult to discover the best look for you. For those searching for a new short hair/ beard style, we have broken down some of the best beard styles for men with short hair.

Buzz Cut X natural beard

There is no better way to accentuate a big natural beard than with a buzz cut. Having a buzz cut means less time spent on your hair and more on your beard. The benefits of this style include; saving money on the barber, hair products and generally looking like a boss that no one wants to mess with. Those with big beards know that keeping it looking fresh takes some time and love, so the only negative (for some this is a joy) is the constant upkeep needed to maintain the style. As your beard is your dominant feature it is the main focus and therefore needs to be kept neat and well groomed.

Razor Fade box beard

Some people call this look the "hipster look" those people are ignorant...what does that even mean? This look is an excellent choice for those who are aspiring to have a big beard or already have one. Having a razor fade side part coupled with a box beard provides perfect counterweighted facial symmetry. Having a big beard allows you to wear your hair higher in a pompadour style without looking cartoonish, as the box beard balances out the added height. Also, the fading along the side of the head means that you can give your face a stronger looking jaw structure even with long beard growth.

Short back and sides short beard

Keeping your beard and hair short requires more energy to maintain than you think. But the combination of the two gives a very refined business look, making it perfect for office workers. Showing that you can groom your facial hair well is a greater visual indicator of organisation and responsibility than someone who is clean shaven, as more effort and maintenance is needed. People tend to trust men more when they take better care of their appearance. The reason being that if you take care of how you look you're more likely to apply ethic to your work.

Stubble Neat side part

Having stubble is one of the easiest beard styles to maintain. This style is best complimented with a neat side part haircut and offers a more masculine rugged look than being clean shaven. In order to pull this look off, you must ensure your hair is always on point. By complimenting stubble with a neat side part haircut you are demonstrating that the stubble growth is a conscious decision. If you were to leave your hair messy with stubble you give off the impression of laziness rather than looking sharp. Done well this is a perfect style for the office and a less serious look than being clean shaven for the weekend.

Moustache / stubble natural short back and sides

There is no doubt in my mind that the moustache will come back into fashion. With Movember coming up I feel that more men will be keeping their mo well into 2017. A lot of dudes are quite hesitant about growing a moustache. By wearing stubble focus won't be directed straight at your mo. Stubble breaks up the contrast between moustache and clean skin. Rocking a fade that is the same length of your stubble sets up a nice dark frame for you face. It allows the transition from the hairline into the face to be more fluid making your mo less "in your face".

Viking beard slick back hair

You can always tell a television show is successful by how it influences the clowning and style of the culture. The Viking style has been a big influence in men's grooming. While the style is dominated by man buns, for those wishing to have a Viking style with short hair, you can achieve this by slicking your hair straight back. Shaving the sides of your head and leaving the middle long you can accentuate the length and chin heavy beard growth, creating a vector line from the top of your head down to the tip of your beard. Give your beard a nice angular shape and hold it there using a high quality beard balm. It could take you several years to grow your hair long enough for a man bun, so if you style always changes and you love the Viking look then this is the perfect combo for you. 

I hope this guide has pointed you in the right direction or given you some inspiration in finding a new look. If you have any other grooming questions we would love to answer them. Beard on! 

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