Hair Removal for Men – Where Hair Should Not Exist

Hair Removal for Men – Where Hair Should Not Exist

Hair is a funny thing. For blokes hair growth is desirable in some areas and others not so much. Grooming your beard can mean the difference between looking sharp or looking like a homeless person. Slicking your hair back rather than wearing it on you face can change how your face is framed and the type of person you attract. Being bald with a goatee can insight fear in some people without you saying a word.

Having long hair down to your shoulders may indicate what music you are into. Being clean shaven with an afro can make you look loveable and inviting to come talk to. How we wear our hair is dependent on our style and our own personal taste. However there are certain areas of our bodies that should be free of hair but unfortunately are not. Some areas of hair growth can be unsightly and warrant immediate removal and others just need a good trimming. 



When it comes to the word eyebrows, the fact that it is plural is a very important thing. Regardless of the environment; work, social or home there is no excuse for you not to always have two eyebrows. If you have a mono-brow then please do yourself a favour and buy some tweezers. You essentially only need to buy one pair for the rest of your life so make that purchase soon. 


nose hair

Not a lot of men have long nose hair that grows out past their nostrils but if you are someone who does then please invest in a nose hair trimmer, or at the very least a pair of scissors. I have been in a few conversations with people where all I can see is rogue hairs poking out the bottom of the nostril. I don’t remember the conversation but I do remember the hair. 


hairy cheeks

Some people enjoy a full natural beard and that is perfectly acceptable. There are certain sections of your cheeks however where weird stray hairs grow. They can be very distracting and detract from your glorious beard. So I would recommend either shaving them off using some clear shave gel or if there are only a few using some tweezers and plucking them.


ear hair

Ears are a weird one. My dad has hairy ears and I'm a bit nervous that I will soon have similar furry ears. I think it would be safe to assume that if you have long ear hair that you also have long nose hair. If this is you then perhaps you should invest in an ear and nose trimmer. It will be a solid investment. 


neck hair

A hairy back generally leads into a hair neck. There is something a bit unsettling about looking at someone and not knowing where their head hair ends and their back hair begins. If you have a very hairy neck then request that the barber cut throat razor your neck hairs down the collar line of your shirt.


While 1970s fashion might be coming back that doesn't the 70s bush should come back. We are not telling you to remove them entirely, but fellas keep them trim. We have no right to tell you what to do with your pubes, but keeping a neat hedge might be a better look in the eyes of the person you are lucky to take home. Trimming the area around your boys may mean the difference between a one night stand and a second date. 


The back is a big commitment. For the hairy bloke, I would imagine the process of shaving your back would be a big ordeal. If you want to shave your back they have made a device that is perfect for you called the “Bakblade” it is a pretty legit product that helps you shave your whole back without the assistance of another person or struggling with the task of using a tiny facial hair razor. 



Some dudes don’t like the idea of shaving their legs. Others who are more athletically inclined love a leg shave for performance as well as showing off their gains. So if you are a swimmer, bodybuilder, cyclist or runner and you want to be silky as the day you were shot out then be sure to grab some milkman “shave gel”. 

Hair is one of those things. It looks great in some places and is totally unwanted in your food. If you are a hairy bloke but you want to look clean and well groomed then these are the areas you need to focus on in order to achieve that stylish well-groomed look. 

Are there any other areas that we have missed that you that warrant hair removal. If so we would love to hear them. And if you have any other tips on hair removal, techniques, tools or anything else feel free to drop us a comment. 

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

Ed: Ben De Campo



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