The world of professional football (soccer) is known for many things. To some it is a beautiful game, to others it is about a bunch of pansies running around and falling all over each others whilst not scoring. But there is one thing that cannot be disputed. Across the world footballers are treated like gods and are constantly in the public eye.

With success and greatness comes the yearning to stand out from the rest of the players, both with their skills on the pitch as well as their choices in style. When you wear the same uniform as 10 other people on your team the only way to stand out is with tattoos, crazy hairdos and different facial hair styles.

At the moment there are two major football tournaments underway, namely the Copa America and the Euros. This is a list of players whose style off the field is matched by their incredible talent on the field. These top players are followed by millions around the world and have become celebrities in their own right. Their style has now become a reflection of their own brand. Their fashion sense is also helped by the fact that they play in some of the fashion capitals of the world including Milan, London and Paris. So, in no particular order, they include: 

Sergio Ramos

 Sergio Ramos with white collar shirt & rolled up jeans

Captain of Real Madrid and a key player for Spain, Sergio Ramos has had an evolution of styles over the years. From his iconic back swept, shoulder length, grease hair to his to his current short back and sides with a short beard. His current look involves sporting a cropped beard which is very popular amongst modern men but Ramos is somehow able to take it to the next level. Over the years he has moved on from his Euro trash look and has able to pull over a timeless overall style. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

soccer player

Ronaldo has just been named as the richest player in team sport in the world. It comes as no surprise as he is arguably the best football player in the world. Similar to Sergio Ramos (and many other European players), his style has evolved from a tacky mismatch of clothes to somewhat of sophisticated appearance. Maybe it’s because of the copious amount of money in his bank account.

Olivier Giroud

giroud football player with sunnies

Giroud is a big Frenchman who plies his trade for Arsenal FC. He is known to be very fashion conscious and although straight, he also posed in a gay French magazine. Many have said he is breaking down the barriers between gay and straight men and is admired in Europe for doing so. He is quoted saying “I would be delighted if my ­gesture can help change the mentality of some people ­involved in football.”

Toby Alderweireld

Toby Alderweireld going for the kick

Toby isn’t as famous as many other footballers, but the Tottenham player is stylish in his own right. He sports an undercut hair style that he keeps in immaculate condition. His haircut has given himself an iconic look that is both intimidating and sharp. He has admitted there is no secret to the hair, it’s just all in the product.

Jack Wilshere

 Jack Wilshere style

The bad boy of England, young Jack Wilshere smokes, swears at fans and has been caught up in street brawls. The question is what came first, the image or the attitude? Is it the bad boy behaviour that gives a man style or does he match his style to his behaviour? Either way, Wilshere can pull off a young London lad style with a bit of punk vibe.

Mesut Ozil

 Mesut Ozil style

The German with swag, Ozil had to make the list just because of his slightly odd fashion sense that he rocks with confidence. He is known to care of his appearance and has said “I bring my own grooming kit to the game... moisturiser, gel and shampoo… I like to take care of myself… Football players like to take care of themselves and pay attention to the way they dress.” Good on him.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba style

They say a woman can tell if you’re good in bed by your moves on the dance floor. In the case of footballers, their style on the field does not reflect their style off the field. Messi is a perfect example of this. He is probably the best on the field, but worst dressed off it. This is not case for Paul Pogba, who dominates in both categories. He brings a sense of street fashion to this list.

Daniele de Rossi

 Daniele de Rossi style

This list is not complete without a stylish Italian. Like most Italian’s, he is all class from beard to toe. Unlike many men who just wear t-shirts, de Rossi has created his own style to normal clothes by adding Italian swagger. By adjusting sleeve lengths, layering his clothes and dressing it up with expensive watches and jewellery, he creates a tasteful yet effortless look. 

Ezequiel Lavezzi

 Ezequiel Lavezzi style

Lavezzi is an Argentinian footballer who just recently moved from European giants PSG to Chinese giants Hebei China Fortune on a $600,000 a week contract. What do you do with all that money? You buy expensive clothes of course. The photo above is him captured at a Versace fashion show, most likely wearing Versace and rocking a beard worthy of the finest Milkman products. His fashion choices might be pretty unrelatable, but he has a beard, and beards come free.

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez style 

Sanchez is known for bringing style to the football clubs he has played at, including Barcelona and Arsenal. This is saying a lot because the players at these clubs all think they have the best fashion sense. He likes to rock a casual urban look and keeps it simple. Like most things, simplicity is usually the best and Sanchez knows how to pull it off with white sneakers and basic yet vibrant colours.

Edinson Cavani 

Edinson Cavani style

The Uruguayan has a different fashion sense to a lot of other footballers. His style is a bit more down to earth and ‘cool Dad’ like. Nonetheless, it is still a good style to have a sets him apart from many of the immature footballers. He dresses up his fitted collared shirts and jeans with a stylish necklace and a bit of facial hair.

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Author: John Porreca

Ed: Ben De Campo

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