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If you have a BMW and you want to get it serviced, the obvious choice would be to go to a BMW dealership. If your iPhone breaks and you need to fix it so you can get back continue talking to some bird you met on Tinder, where do you go? The Apple store of course. If your beard is looking and feeling like a neglected animal and you have finally decided that you want to restore it back to health then the most logical place to find and restore your beard is a website all about the world’s best beard oils.

With the beard oil market being flooded it is hard to choose one that is best suited to you. With so many different brands on the market, countless different fragrances, price ranges and ingredients list, it is hard to say which one will be the best purchase. That is where our main man Bobert Brush comes into play. Bobert founder and curator of The Best Beard Oil Project is a true testament to what it means to have a beard. His love for facial hair has gone so far that he has dedicated his time to find out what truly is the best beard oil in the world. What started as a hobby and a beard oil collection has soon become a huge global project!

While certain things are purely subjective like a beard oil fragrance, Bobert has gone beyond the point of subjectivity and formed a series of criteria through which he deconstructs, critiques and rates the oils he tests to give them an overall rating out of 100, that he dubs the “Beard oil review methodology”.

A little about the Beard Oil Methodology:

Bobert has broken down a beard oils classification into 3 major sections, aroma, therapy & value. Under each of these are further criteria. When they are all tallied together you get an idea of what kind of beard oil you have on your hands. Here are the categories and their associated rating methods:

  • Aroma
    • Lingerability
    • Emanation
    • Emotional Response
  • Therapy
    • Greasiness
    • Hair Impact
    • Skin Impact
  • Value
    • Price per ml
    • Adjustments

Each subheading meets and answers the questions most men face when they are choosing a beard oil.

Lingerability is something most men consider and a lot of oils don't deliver. If you put some oil on in the morning you don't want to get to 10 am and realise that your beard is not longer fragranced to perfection. If the main focus of the oil is to make it smell heavenly then you would want to ensure that the oil you choose can stick around as long as possible. Then you can select an oil that has greater lingerability from his list.

If you like a beard oil that when you walk past someone they stop and think wow that dude smells good, then you probably want a scent that has a big projection. Under the emanation subheading, Bobert and his girlfriend achieve this. Bobert applies the oil to skin and has his girlfriend who thoroughly cleans her nose with salt water before each sniff moves further and further back from his face until the smell is no longer decipherable. Could a man be more committed to the beard oil cause?

While there are many more categories that I won't go into there is one that stands out and needs to be mentioned. Under the therapy category there is an assessment of "hair impact". This is where a piece of blue tack, 125 g piece to be precise, is placed over the chin hairs before applying approximately 125 pounds of force. The indentation is then measured comparing an oiled beard with a control sample of blue tac with a non-oiled beard. Need I say more? The man is a genius.

If you are searching for that oil for either yourself or for that special someone then before you do make sure you check out The Best Beard Oil Project.

Whether you are looking for the all round best or for the best oil within a category that means the most to you, then this is the place to go. From bearded men everywhere thank you Bobert for your commitment to finding the best beard oil in the world.

Editors Note: Bobert recently assessed Milkman Grooming Co’s Chai Latte beard oil and we are proud to announce that it was awarded an overall rating of 92%. This is the highest score awarded of all the oils he has reviewed thus far! This is an oil that has taken almost 6 months of development, and has been subject to hundreds if not thousands of man hours of use in a professional barber shop setting with exceptional results. The fact that this oil ranked so well is a testament to Bob’s methodology and the team at Milkman are honoured to have this oil subject to Bob’s testing.

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

Ed: Ben De Campo

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