Five Style Tips to Make you More Confident

be confident with the right style

Like it or not, looks matter.  For example, there is evidence to suggest that your sexual attractiveness can impact on your job prospects, success with relationships & your initial impression when meeting someone for the first time. Good looking guys are probably already nodding in agreement. But the rest of us should take comfort in the fact that looks are only one of many factors that can help you get the most out of life.

When it comes to developing a style that enhances your attractiveness we say all you can do is optimise, then let it go. That means cultivating a look that defines you & makes you feel good (i.e. do the best with what you've got), and then quit obsessing about it. There is only so much you can control so there's no point complaining that your jaw isn't chiselled, you don't have abs, you're losing your hair or you're not tall enough.

Thinking about grooming in this way then begins to have compound benefits. Not only will you maximise the way you look, but the way you feel will start to change. When you take care of how you look your confidence will organically be projected to the world around you. Confidence is key. Confidence is far more powerful than looks when it comes to being considered attractive, trustworthy & authentic. 

Achieving confidence is about not having any nagging doubts in your mind that your style isn't on point. It's also about being congruent, so that your style matches your personality. Here are some of the most important things you can work on today to make sure you're on the right track.

Regular Haircuts.

Developing a relationship with a barber is one of the best things you can do. Find a barber that cuts your hair well and stick to him/her. By sticking with the same one, you can almost guarantee that the result of the cut will be to your liking each time you go back. Getting a haircut is like hitting a reset button on your outlook, giving you a neat, sharp appearance that will give you confidence at work and socially. 

Signature Cologne.

How you smell can be an instrumental in asserting confidence and giving yourself a greater presence in a room. Wearing a fragrance that suits you can be a quite transformative tool in extending your personality beyond the physical sense. But before you go spraying or slapping it on, here are some rules when using it. Don’t use too much; excessive use can be as offensive as having BO. Less is more! Ideally you want it to be detectable only when someone is in your personal space (roughly less than a metre away).

Also, if you do have a BO problem, don’t use your cologne as an antiperspirant. There is weird hybrid stink that gets caused between the two that isn’t fooling anybody. Bath regularly, wear deodorant and be modest with your cologne spritzing. 


Shining your shoes.

My mum always told me that you could tell a lot about a man by his shoes. If you work in an office and wear leather shoes, then make sure that you shine them at least once a week or more if needed. Taking care of your shoes will not only give them a longer life but will also project an image of a man in control. It is also a strangely rewarding thing to see your shoes transform before your eyes and turn new again.

Making Sure Your Clothes are Wrinkle Free.

Any item of clothing that you put on should be ironed, and wrinkle free. From a casual tee to a suit and everything in between. People will never comment on how well pressed your clothes are, but your overall look will appear more organised and ready for anything. Any un-ironed clothing item will do the opposite, and give an appearance of laziness.

Making Sure Your Face is Well Shaved.

Being clean shaven should be exactly that “clean”. Your face should feel fresh, smooth and irritation free. If you have sensitive skin and feel irritated after every shave then it's time to switch to a soap free shave gel designed for sensitive skin. If you are going to shave daily you should learn to do it properly with correct technique.  We will be writing a detailed post on this soon so stay tuned. 

Making Sure Your Facial Hair is Well Groomed.

If you don't shave then you must have a beard or moustache of some kind. Good-looking facial hair can be great way to accentuate your personality. However, an unkempt, messy hair is not a great look and can detract from your over-all appearance. Your beard or moustache doesn’t need to be meticulously sculpted to look sharp, but routine grooming will ensure your beard always looks on point. The basics are to keep it trimmed appropriately, maintain it in a neat orderly shape with a good brush, & use a good beard oil, balm or conditioner to soften, hydrate & fragrance the hair.

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