Grooming Tips for Men

Grooming Tips for Men

When you leave the house you want to look your best. You want to make sure you are clean, well groomed and dressed well to take on the day. For some blokes a grooming regime is simply hop in the shower wash your pits, crack and sack with a bar soap, let the water take care of the rest and then jump out of the house.

If you think you are going to attract a partner or if you're lucky enough to have one, keep a partner with this approach then you are sadly mistaken.Whether you are a tragedy, office worker, male nurse, bartender or man the counter at the last Blockbuster in the country there are some grooming essentials that you should take care as a part of your grooming schedule.

Brush your teeth

brushing teeth

This seems like a no brainer, but I’ve dealt with some people in my life that have either literally eaten some faecal matter after a good teeth cleaning or have missed this step entirely. Sort it out and get your tooth brush all up in your mouth!


roll on deodorant

Ever been on a crowded peak hour bus or train with most people standing even though you have a perfectly vacant seat next to you? Feels good right? Wrong! They are not sitting next to you because you smell like something died. Before you grace the world with your stinky presence have a quick spray of deodorant. The human race begs you!

Washing your hair

hair washing

A lot of dudes skip this step for many reasons. They are lazy, they don’t have time and are in a hurry or they don’t like the look of their hair after it is washed. Word of advice, if you have dandruff, then get some anti-dandruff shampoo to sort it out. If your hair smells, then wash your hair and use a textured hair product to give your hair more body post wash. 


mono brow

Unless your hero is Frida Kahlo then please ensure you have “two” eyebrows at all times.

Pube Grooming

grooming pubic hair

You never know when you're gonna meet that special someone so trimming your pubes and having your boy ready for action at all times. Everyone knows that keeping things trim makes him look bigger. An added bonus is that you're more aerodynamic so no one can catch you should you feel the need to do a nudie run.


cutting nails with clipper
Make sure your finger and toe nails are kept neat, clean and short. We are not saying go down to the local Sexy Nails and get a french tip mani/pedi, just keep be sure to keep them clean. If your nails are always grubby then people are going to think you can't take care of yourself. Long toe nails are a safety hazard, if you don’t believe me look up the stats on how many people have been admitted to hospital from a rogue toe nail slicing, it is staggering.

Hair cut

men's hair cut
Treat yourself to a proper cut every chance you get. Nothing will make you feel and look better. A fresh cut is the best way to let yourself and the people around you know you mean business. If you have short hair then a good haircut spacing would be 3-4 weeks, medium hair would be 4-6 weeks. Cop a chop today and become a changed man.

Beard Maintenance

beard trimming
Raise your beard like you would raise a child. Bath it, wash it, make sure it has the best quality nutritious food (in your beard's case that would Milkman Grooming Co. Beard oils and balms), give it a hair cut so it looks well proper and make sure you tell it you love it daily. Don’t be a bad parent, respect you children and your beard.


cologne spray
In the wild, male animals let off smells when they're trying to attract a mate. As humans we have developed a world full of nasty smells, car fumes, cigarette smoke and industrial pollution. In order to stand out in this stinky world you need to wear a signature scent that will get the attention of those around you. Remember less is more when it comes to fragrance, and wearing too much is just as bad as not wearing anything at all (sometimes worse).

Face Washing

face washing
It’s hard to know what’s worse, a dry head or a greasy one. When it comes to your face you want it to abide by the Kraft peanut butter motto of “Never oily, Never dry”. I’m not suggesting you wash your face with peanut butter, but I am suggesting using a moisturising face wash. It will help keep your face hydrated, non-greasy and blemish free. Pro tip, a face wash with 2% salicylic acid is really good for clearing up blackheads.  Always make sure to use a moisturizer afterward to lock in the moisture and leave your face looking squeaky clean.

We hope you enjoyed this easy 10-step guide to grooming. If there are any other essentials you thought we missed then please let us know in the comments section below.




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