Your Beard is Filthy!

Beards need to be cleaned daily.  Once beard hair gets to a  certain length, it is practically guaranteed that some of the food and drink you consume during the course of the day will end...

Being a Bearded Dad

dad beard

The 80's are remembered for a lot of distinctive fashion trends, some of which make us cringe.  That is, of course, until the fashion pendulum swings back and we find something appealing about denim jackets and head bands all over again.  Moustaches were also big in those days and although I was only a kid at that time, I remember dad's moustache very well.  

    Beard Care Tips: Picking a style to suit you

    Choosing a beard style is just like choosing a hair style, a pair of jeans, or a girlfriend.  If you're going to have it, you may as well make sure it suits you and makes...

      Demystifying: Beard Oil - Part 2

      beard oil at the river

      In the last post we talked at a high level about the types of oils that you typically find in a good quality beard oil.  Now we're going to drill down a bit more into the specific types of oils that you will see in the Milkman range and discuss the various benefits that each imparts.

        Demystifying: Beard oil - Part 1

        Mechanical irritation causes by a newly grown beard rubbing on the virgin beard skin beneath it. I'll never forget the look of incredulity when I first told my mum that I was making beard oil.  "What's that?"...

          Top 10 Fictional Hero Beards

          depp beard

          As a tribute to all things beard, we decided to make a series of top 10 bearded characters.  This week we opted for fictional heroes and next week we are thinking villains, and maybe sporting personalities after that.  So without further adieu, here is our first top 10.

            The Milkman is born

            Over the New Year I decided to grow a corporate beard because (a) I felt like a change and (b) I've got a baby face that's better left covered in hair if I'm to be taken somewhat...

              Funny Beard Quotes

              We just finished labeling another production run of beard oil and thought we'd finish up the day with some funny / remarkable beard quotes. - so here they are: