The Importance of Trimming Your Beard

trimming the beard with scissors
While it might seem sacrilegious to some using “trim” and “beard” in the same sentence without using “never” before it, trimming your beard is very important for both healthy growth as well as a fuller look. A beard is a lot like a child, if you decide to raise one do it...

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      How to Trim, Sculpt and Shape your Beard

      sculpting your beard lines
      There has been a massive increase in the number of beards in today's modern society. With more focus on the men's grooming sector now than there ever has been before. In an attempt to...

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                Keeping Cool with a Beard

                cool beard

                If you're in the southern hemisphere you'll know that summer is almost upon us & the weather will gradually begin to warm up (and some of us can’t wait!). There will, however, likely still be at least one or two colder / wetter weather snaps before it really kicks in, and some guys who grew a beard in the winter to help keep warm might wonder if it’s time to trim the hedge. This begs the question, is a beard too hot in the hot weather?

                  A Short History of Beard Care Products

                  history of beards

                  Beards have been a huge part of human history. Our prehistoric ancestors wore beards to intimidate (a beard suggested a stronger jaw line) and for warmth and protection (not to mention that razors had not been invented yet!).