Ground Hog Style

Ground Hog Style

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I find it funny how some things are considered normal in one time period and considered weird and socially awkward in another. Just in the same way things are born, grow and die so too are the styles of days gone by. All trends eventually perish, with some having a greater longevity than others, some being flash in the pan and other trends being cyclical every 2nd or third decade or so. Currently I feel that we are having a 90s resurgence with brands like, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas (as fashion wear rather than just sportswear) and even lesser brands like Fila making a resurgence.

I you look at men's hairstyles of the 1980s with jerry curls, mullets and sequents were perfectly acceptable. Similarly the hair metal period of the decade prior where rockstars tested the integrity of their masculinity (at least visually, and wore so much hairspray and lipstick, it was almost as though they were sponsored by Maybelline).  Nowadays such an inclination to dress or wear your hair like that would be met with many concerned looks.

Those extreme cases set aside let's take a look at a smaller more isolated case from the 1950s. In the 50s there was nothing cooler or more masculine than the greaser subculture. A collection of, mechanics and bike enthusiasts who donned leather jackets and slicked back high shine hair cuts. They evoked imagery of rebellion with their disregard for the law, recklessness and seemingly had no fear of death riding helmet less on their bikes and were the worst fear of any father with a daughter.

The traditional leather biker jacket, blue 501 Levis, riding boots, and a greased pompadour is a timeless look, one that has lasted through the decades.

Most riders of the time rode their bikes without a helmet, riding helmetless with the wind through you hair meant that of course post ride your hair would not be in the same state as when you left your house, or in the case of Fonzy in Happy Days, your mate's dad’s Garage.

As a result the need to carry a back pocket comb was imperative in order to stay looking sharp after a ride. Personally when i see imagery of a biker slicking his hair back it makes me think “ damn this dude is cool” however i only think this when i see it in film, like Marlon Brando in “The Wild One” or James Dean in most of his films.

Something a simple as a man publicly combing his hair (in an attempt to be cool and noticed) has for me gone from “damn this dude is cool” to an eyebrow raise a sideways glance and a internal comment of  “this dude legitimately things he’s Henry Winkler in happy days” AYYYYEE Forgets about it. I just feel like hair products have advance of the last 7 decades and have allowed us to style our hair and decide what we look like before we leave the house.

Maintaining a beard during the day is a lot more difficult however than greasing ones hair back. With disturbances from the wind, food intake, women throwing themselves at you to touch it and a cheeky beer after work means your beard may not return home the same unless you you’ve coated it with a whole bunch of beard balm (insert link for BeardCandy).

Personally after a meal to get as much of the gunk out of there as I can, but as I've said before the idea of rocking an 8” pocket comb and publicly combing is against my belief system at this point. if there was only something small enough but effective enough to get the last bit of chicken out of my beard but doesn't stick out of my back pocket.

Well the good people of Milkman have solved your problem with the introduction of the mini styler pocket/wallet comb. This little weapon slips easily into your wallet or coin pouch on your Levis. Being small and concealable this little guy is not as obnoxious as rocking a bigger comb on your person, but don't let the size fool you it has excellent strength and styling capabilities. It's also sexy as hell.

What better way to tell your beard you love it then with its very own travel comb. If you're a comb collector, beard aficionado, moustache twirler or neat freak, then this little sucker is the perfect tool to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

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Author: Kareem Ghaly


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