Do Beards Have Health Benefits?

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The idea that any hair styling choice could offer health benefits seems like quackery at best – but we can confirm that choosing to wear a beard does offer some positive outcomes to wellbeing and wellness. How on earth can a having a beard contribute to your health and wellbeing, you ask?

    Myth Busted: Shaving Doesn’t Make your Beard Thicker!

    Loads of people have, for almost one hundred years, subscribed to the belief that shaving makes one’s hair grow back thicker, faster and stronger. Young men over decades have shaved enthusiastically, sure in the knowledge...

      All About the Moustache

      Are you a fan of the ‘stache? Love it or loathe it, the humble moustache is making a comeback – so in honour of mo’s large and small, here is some tantalising trivia – all...

        What Does Your Beard Say About You?

        Your beard is as unique and individual as you are – but you can also tell a lot about a guy by the style of beard he chooses to wear! We've done our research on various...

          What is beard oil & why use it?

          what is beard oil

          Every guy who has a beard knows you need a good razor, a good set of clippers, and some dedication to grooming. But you also need great, beard-specific products to keep your beard in top shape – and beard oil is one of the most important.

            All About Side Burns

            elvis mutton chops

            I don’t know about you, but when I hear the term “sideburns”, I think of Elvis Presley. There was young Elvis, with the cool, trimmed, sideburns; then there was older Elvis, in his white diamante jumpsuits, with the bigger, bushier ‘burns.

              Top Reasons to Grow a Moustache

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              As we pride ourselves on being the beard experts, when we aren't busy making beard care products at Milkman Labs, we like to gather interesting facts and information for our bearded and moustache'd followers.

                Tips and tricks to look after your beard

                CLICK HERE for an article on beard care tips and tricks published in Fairfax online media around Australia which features Milkman Australia and comments from our resident beard expert.  If you want more tips and tricks,...

                  Top Things to do for World Beard Day

                   As we are based in Sydney, which is a little ahead in the time zone compared to EU and the USA (amongst other awesome places), we thought we would do a survey of our...