Your Beard is Filthy!

Beards need to be cleaned daily.  Once beard hair gets to a  certain length, it is practically guaranteed that some of the food and drink you consume during the course of the day will end up caught in it.  Similarly, if you're working hard in a trade, the chances are that sweat, grease, dust and other debris will end up accumulating in your beard much like the way sand ends up in your nether regions when you're at the beach.  Without regular washing, a beard will end up looking raggedy and lifeless.  Think dead animal fur.  

Most guys use either a regular face wash or hair shampoo to clean their beard.  This is a bad idea.  The skin under your beard is not like the skin on your head, meaning the harsh cleaning agents often used in shampoos are not suitable.  Similarly, a face wash is designed to clean smooth skin, not course beard hair, and may therefore be less effective at cleaning out the extra debris that needs to be removed from the beard hair.  Aside from all of this, neither hair shampoos or face washes offer anything in the way of conditioning action to add softness, lustre and vibrance to your beard.

Milkman Australia has solved this problem with its all new 2 in 1 beard shampoo & conditioner.  In one easy application, the Milkman 2 in 1 will 
clean your beard thoroughly using a mild, yet ultra effective, pH-adjusted castile soap derived from coconut.  This is gentle enough to use every day and doesn't contain the potentially harsher and more irritating cleaning agents like sodium laureth sulphate or ammonium laureth sulphate.  It also contains a cocktail of wonderful conditioning agents for beard hair & skin, including argan oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, soy protein & vitamin E.  The Milkman 2 in 1 will give you a healthy-looking, lustrous and sharp looking beard.
When we made this product, we wanted it to stand out from the crowd.  That's why we guarantee that your experience with the Milkman 2 in 1 will be nothing like anything before.  The  dispenser makes an silky foam that is optimally designed to coat all of your beard hairs, for maximum cleansing & conditioning.  Applying the foam feels amazing as the lather coats all of your hair, giving you confidence in an optimum washing experience.  

The scent we chose for this product is totally unique.   Rather than going for just another cliche leather, wood and birch tar scent we have opted for a delicious, yet manly combination of sweet fennel & French pear.  The subtle sweet aniseed notes enhance the cleaning experience but will not linger or over power any beard oil or cologne that you apply after washing.


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