Top Things to do for World Beard Day

world beard day
As we are based in Sydney, which is a little ahead in the time zone compared to EU and the USA (amongst other awesome places), we thought we would do a survey of our Facebook followers to find out some top activities to do during World Beard Day.  We hope that the answers we received will help our bearded brethren in these later time zones to prepare and lock in an awesome activity for this momentous occasion.   So here are the top ideas for passing the time on World Beard Day - courtesy of Australian bearded men & beard - loving women:
  1. Not shaving.
  2. Go for a nice long ride & then comb the bugs out with a new beard comb.
  3. Let your beard bask in the sun, take a long shower and wash the day out of your face forest, treating it to a sensual combing and running some sweet sweet beard candy through it then sitting down in front a fire reading it a story and giving it compliments until it falls asleep, World Beard Day should be about you and your beard, locking out the naysayers and getting some quality one on one time with your beard.
  4. The converting of a beardless individual.
  5. A beard tournament, something epic were only the strongest beard would prevail. The ultimate beard off for beard supremacy.
  6. Bearding!
  7. Beard rides.
  8. Have your face fur washed, conditioned, oiled and combed by your favourite lady beard-lover. Clothes optional (for both of you).
  9. Drinking whiskey and charming beautiful woman as their eyes get lost in your righteous beard.
and lastly, the highest ranking comment according to number of likes:

     10.  Sex with a bearded man!

We hope this gives you some inspiration for the day ahead. 


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