What is beard oil & why use it?

what is beard oil
Every guy who has a beard knows you need a good razor, a good set of clippers, and some dedication to grooming. But you also need great, beard-specific products to keep your beard in top shape – and beard oil is one of the most important.

Too many guys never consider using products on their beards, except maybe soap or shampoo. Regular shampoos and soaps might be fine for the head or for use on the body, but the hair on the face tends to be coarser, drier and it needs special treatment – as does the skin beneath it. The perfect beard, whatever its length, should be soft and silky – never dry, shaggy, wiry or flaky.  It should also smell so good that people cannot resist trying to snuggle up into its welcoming strands.

Natural oils condition the hair, restoring naturally-occurring oils and balancing moisture levels is as important for facial hair as it is for the hair on the top of the head.  Beard oil hydrates the skin beneath the beard and helps to keep the beard itself soft. It helps to create a protective layer for the skin, and can prevent the ever-annoying beard itch.  It keeps the beard free of dry skin and flakiness, and it tames the individual hairs, giving your beard a very appealing lustre.  It’s also fabulous as natural and masculine cologne.

Beard oil should be used straight after showering, while the beard and skin are damp. The pores and hair follicles are open at this time and the beard oil is absorbed very easily. Only a small amount (just a few drops) is needed to properly moisturise the beard.

To apply beard oil like a boss, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Pour a few drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand – no need to overdo it!
  2. Rub it between your palms and fingers to help get a nice even coating.
  3. Massage into your beard and chin – neck as well if you’re beard extends beyond your chin. Work it upwards against the grain first and then stroke through downwards to help put it back in place.  You don't need to spend ages on this but the more your carefully comb it through to get even coverage, the better the result.
  4. For extra style points, brush with a beard brush to shape your beard and help it to really shine.
Note that for the first fifteen minutes or so after application, your beard may have a gloss to it; this is normal and will reduce down to a healthy lustre quickly as the oil is absorbed. The oils Milkman produces are developed from a blend of carefully selected premium botanicals so oiliness should not be an issue – as long as you don’t use too much.

Your face and your beard are front and centre – so make them work for you! Invest in the very best beard grooming products, including beard oil for a luxuriously soft and kissable beard which looks fabulous. With Milkman beard products, it will smell great, too!


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