What Does Aftershave Do?

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What does aftershave do, exactly? It’s often recognised as the product that makes our face smell good after we finish shaving - but there’s so much more this product can do. 

Aftershave can do wonders for our skin - offering an assortment of soothing and healing benefits to help enhance our entire shaving experience.  Let’s shed some light on the matter. 

So, what does aftershave do? Below, we’ve detailed the many benefits of adding an aftershave into your shaving routine - check it out!

What Is Aftershave?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s cover a few of the basics - what is aftershave?

Aftershave is a men’s grooming product that has been around since the ’50s. It’s used post-shave to treat shaving cuts and soothe any irritation. It traditionally came in the form of an alcohol-based liquid substance, though over the years it has evolved into balms, gels, serums, and more. 

With the many benefits aftershave can offer, adding it into your grooming routine may be worthwhile. 

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What Does Aftershave Do?

So, what does aftershave do exactly? Below we’ve listed a few compelling reasons why you should add an aftershave into your grooming routine - check it out! 

Soothe The Skin

Without the proper preparation, shaving can be a traumatic experience for our skin - often triggering razor bumps, razor burn, rashes, and more. Aftershave offers a soothing and calming effect to our skin, helping to deal with any redness or irritation post-shave. 


Especially for guys trimming daily, shaving can wreak havoc on the skin - causing dryness, skin irritation, and a dull-looking complexion over time. Aftershave offers a hydrating effect, helping to nourish and moisturise the skin to keep you looking your very best. 

Helps With Healing

As annoying as they can be, a few cuts every once and awhile is an inevitable part of shaving. Though with aftershave, you can fight off bacteria and speed-up the healing process - not a bad combination. 

Smells Great

One of the key reasons guys will use aftershave is because of the enticing scent that accompanies it. When you walk away from your sink, you’ll be looking, feeling, and smelling your very best. Plus, with the wide range on offer, choosing the best scent for your routine couldn’t be easier. 


There’s plenty of reasons to use aftershave, whether it’s to soothe the skin or deal with shaving cuts. That being said, many guys often reach for this product because it’s simply refreshing. Adding a quick splash post-shave is a great way to round out the process and leave you feeling fresh. 

How To Use Aftershave 

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To get the most from your aftershave, you need to apply it properly. Learn how to use aftershave with this quick step-by-step guide below.

Prepare Your Face 

Before you even think about reaching for an aftershave, it’s crucial that you take a moment to properly prepare the skin. 

After you’ve finished with the razor, make sure you’ve rinsed your face thoroughly - cleaning off any shaving cream that might still be lingering around. Once you’ve had a good rinse, gently pat-dry your face with a soft towel. 

A Dime-Sized Amount

Grab your aftershave and apply a dime-sized amount to your palm. Rub your hands together to evenly coat the palms and the inside of your fingers

Keep in mind, when it comes to using aftershave, less is more. Using excessive amounts can cause skin irritation and leave behind an overpowering scent. Remember, no one likes the guy wearing too much cologne.

For the best results, try not to go overboard with your aftershave. 

Apply The Aftershave

Now that you’ve evenly coated your hands with a dime-sized dollop, you can start massaging the aftershave into your face. Gently run your hands over your skin, moving in a downward direction and following your jawline. Then, glide your hands under your neck and over your chin. Keep massaging until the blend has soaked in.

Once the aftershave has been applied, don’t wash it off straight away. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many guys are guilty of this. To work its magic and get the best results, aftershave shouldn’t be washed away directly after being applied (unless otherwise specified). 

The Best Aftershave For Guys 

Have these aftershave benefits got you feeling giddy? If so, take a look at these premium Aftershave Serums by Milkman Grooming. They’ll keep your skin feeling soft and supple while soothing any skin irritation in the process. And unlike many other products, these serums won’t sting when applied. 

autumn leaves after shave serum

With four seasonal scents to choose from, finding the right fragrance couldn’t be easier. For new comers, we recommend starting with  Autumn Leaves Aftershave Serum - with an aroma of whisky, earth, and dry leaves. Take a look!


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