How Often Should you Wash your Beard?

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For those beardsmen out there, this question has likely stumbled across your mind at one point: how often should you wash your beard? And is it possible to over-wash? 

In short, yes - overusing beard wash can poorly impact our beards in more ways than one - causing dryness, brittle hair, and dandruff. To avoid these side-effects, how often should you wash your beard? What’s the magic number? 

For guys just getting started with a beard wash, we’ve answered this age-old question below - take a look! 

What Is Beard Wash?

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Before we dive into the heavy stuff, let’s kick things off with the basics - what is beard wash exactly? 

Beard wash is basically a shampoo for your beard - simple enough, right? It’s a cleansing product, specifically designed to wash away the dirt and grime that your beard gathers. Though unlike regular shampoos, beard washes don’t strip away the natural oils and don’t cause dryness beneath your facial hair. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s shed some light on this popular question: how often should you wash your beard

On average, you should wash your beard at least 2-3 times per week (or more if your beard is particularly exposed to dirt & grime). This will help to flush out any toxins or impurities that have built-up in your beard, without bringing about the side-effects of over-washing. 

When we wash our beards too much, we can strip away the natural oils our facial hair needs to thrive. This can lead to brittleness, dryness, and flaking (otherwise known as beard-druff). 

Luckily, avoiding these effects is as simple as sticking to a routine and washing your beard the right way, with the right gear. 

How To Use Beard Wash 

Knowing how regularly to wash your beard is one thing, but using the proper technique is a whole other lesson that every beardsman should master. Don’t worry, this quick step-by-step guide below will help you get the most out of each wash. 

Wet Your Beard.

Just as if you were about to wash your hair, you should start the beard washing process by wetting your whiskers under the shower or at the basin in luke-warm water. This will help to create a richer lather, making it easier to clean your beard properly. 

Apply To Your Palm.

The specific amount of beard wash you’ll need depends on the length of your facial hair. Are you rocking shorter stubble or a medium to long length beard? Typically, a quarter-sized dollop is a good starting point although this may vary from product to product. 

Create A Lather.

Now for the fun part. After coating your hands in the beard-wash, gently massage the blend into your beard. Be sure to get in nice and deep to clean the beard hairs and the skin beneath. A beard wash that doesn't create a really thick lather is generally preferred as, unlike for some other applications (like shaving or washing product out of head hair) high levels of soap may not be ideal. The beard can tend to dry out if too much soap is used.

Rinse Thoroughly.

Once you’ve cleansed your cheeks, neck, chin, and moustache, you can begin rinsing the wash from your beard. Use the same motion used when applying the formula and make sure all the wash is removed. Take your time to give it a good soak and allow the water to seep into the newly washed beard.

Pat Dry.

When it comes to drying your beard, a lighter touch goes a long way. Many of us are guilty of frantically rubbing our beards dry after a shower, though this can do more harm than good - often leading to hair breakages, frizziness, and split-ends. 

For a much gentler approach, try pat-drying your beard with a towel after a shower - your whiskers will thank you. For guys with bigger beards, you can use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the beard and help set it's shape for styling.

Apply Beard Oil.

Man dispensing beard oil

Beard washes don’t strip away excessive amounts of our hair’s natural oils, though they can have a slight drying effect on the facial hair and skin. This is where beard oil can come in handy. 

In fact, one of the best times to apply beard oil is after a shower - this is when the skin’s pores are open and more accepting of the oil. It’ll work to rehydrate the skin and hairs while providing them with a softer touch and a healthier shine.

For blokes chasing a deluxe product, check out this Beard Oil by Milkman. The blend contains natural botanicals to strengthen the follicles and provide your mane with a kick of hydration when it needs it most. 

The Best Beard Wash For Guys 

man holding milkman beard 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner

Understanding how to use beard wash is only half the battle - to get the best results, it pays to have a great quality bead wash in your grooming arsenal, such as this 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner by Milkman. 

The formula works to clean, soften, condition, and fragrance your whiskers, while fighting off dry or brittle hairs. The key to it's benefit is the use of very mild coconut soaps, combined with potent botanical moisturisers & conditioners. As a result, you’re left with a softer and fuller beard that’s much easier to manage. You can even choose between 3 premium scents: King Of Wood, Citrus Supanova, or Chai Latte. 

Though the best part is that this wash works great for all beard types - whether you’re working with short stubble or a longer mane. 

Beard wash is one of the few products you need to help your beard thrive. If you’re wondering what other products you’ll need on your journey, take a look at our recent post: ‘Essential Beard Products You Need To Know About.'


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