Wet Shaving Vs Dry Shaving, Which is Better?

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Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first bloke to ponder this popular question. After all, this topic has been a popular debate subject among men for years. Both shaving procedures have their strengths, but which one is superior? 

Let’s put this burning question to rest. 

So, wet shaving vs dry shaving - what grooming process will give you better results? In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about dry and wet shaving - check it out! 

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What Is Dry Shaving?

Let’s start with dry shaving - what is it exactly?

Dry shaving is essentially just shaving without water. Because there isn’t any preparation involved, dry shaving is a quick and effective way to deal with facial hair. The idea of dry shaving is tempting because it's less work. Just grab your shaver & start hacking away. No problems right? Well, it's not that simple.

Dry shaving can only be done with the right shaving tools, such as an electric trimmer, because the blades don’t come into contact with the skin. Because of this, safety or cartridge razors aren’t suitable for dry shaving.

Is It Bad To Dry Shave?

Is it bad to dry shave? The short answer is that it depends on which tool you’re using. 

If you’re shaving with an electric trimmer, dry shaving is completely fine. Though if you’re using any shaving tools that come into contact with your skin (such as a cartridge or safety razor), dry shaving isn’t a good idea. 

Without a shaving lubricant, friction can build between the blades and your skin - leading to common skin irritations like razor bumps, razor burn, and in-grown hairs. 

It’s also much harder to cut through coarse facial hair when it’s not properly prepared, which can cause an uneven shave. For the cleanest results & the least amount of irritation with a cartridge or safety razor, wet shaving is the best practice. 

What Is Wet Shaving?

Now that we’ve covered dry-shaving, let’s move onto its counterpart - what is wet-shaving?

As the name suggests, wet shaving is described as when water is included in the shaving process alongside a shaving lubricant - whether it’s a shaving gel, shave oil or cream.

Compared to dry shaving, there’s a bit more preparation involved with wet shaving - specifically lathering and applying a shaving lubricant. That being said, it’s a much more beneficial means of grooming, since it can provide a closer cut with much less skin irritation. 

The Benefits Of Wet Shaving 

So, what are the benefits of wet shaving exactly? Ranging from a closer shave to smoother results, we’ve listed the key benefits of wet shaving over dry shaving below. 

Smoother Results

smooth skin after shave

One of the main reasons why guys will wet shave is for cleaner, smoother results. 

By softening the facial hairs, shaving creams and gels make it easier for the razor to plow through stubble evenly - leaving behind a softer, polished look.

You won’t be able to stop stroking your cheeks in awe. 

A Closer Shave

Especially for guys who dry shave with an electric razor, you’ll notice that you can only cut the facial hair so short. For blokes wanting a closer shave, this is where wet shaving can come in handy. 

Since the blade of safety and cartridge razors glide over the skin’s surface, it can provide a much closer shave compared to electric trimmers. 

Less Irritation

If guys aren’t wet shaving for a closer shave, it’s to reduce any shaving-related skin irritations - such as razor burn and bumps. 

By providing a protective layer between the skin and blades, shaving gel can reduce any friction and stop skin irritations from popping up in the first place.

As a result, you’re left with a much more comfortable shave minus any lingering rashes. 

Which Is Better: Wet Shaving Vs Dry Shaving

Alright, let’s settle this once and for all - wet shaving vs dry shaving. Which process is better for your skin?

If you’re using safety or cartridge razors, wet shaving is the clear answer. Without a shaving lubricant, there’s no protective barrier between the blades and your skin. This can lead to skin conditions like razor burn, rashes, and bumps

With a cream or gel, wet shaving will provide a much smoother, more comfortable shave. It reduces any friction to create a seamless glide for your razor - minimising any irritation and producing a cleaner, closer shave. 

To recap - if you’re using a safety or cartridge razor, we’d recommend wet shaving instead of dry shaving. 

Milkman’s Wet Shaving Gear 

Have all these wet shaving benefits got you feeling giddy? 

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 clear shave gel

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