5 Benefits Of MCT Oil For Hair

coconut MCT oil

The benefits of MCT oil have been gaining more and more attention over the recent years - being praised for its energy-boosting and weight-loss advantages. 

Though on top of this, MCT may also be a worthy addition to any beard care routine - particularly since it works wonders as a natural moisturiser

In this article, we’re talking about MCT - explaining what it is and the many benefits of MCT oil for hair and beards - check it out

What Is MCT Oil?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s start with the basics - what is MCT oil exactly? 

MCT, otherwise known as medium-chain triglycerides, are fats commonly extracted from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. They’re used in skincare/ haircare products for their many benefits - acting as a natural moisturiser and helping to create a healthier scalp.

The benefits don’t stop there - MCT oil is praised for its many health benefits too. It’s known to help with energy levels, heart health, weight loss, and more. 

5 Benefits Of MCT Oil For Hair 

Alright guys, let’s get into the good stuff - here are 5 must-know benefits of MCT oil for your hair and beard - enjoy! 

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A Natural Moisturiser 

First and foremost, one of the key reasons we use MCT oil for our beards and hair is because it’s a very effective natural moisturiser. 

With a swift kick of hydration, moisturisers with MCT can help to alleviate any dryness, reduce the signs of wrinkles or stretch marks, and stop any flaking. 

Soothe Beard-Itch 

Not only does MCT oil help to moisturise our skin and fight off dandruff, but it can also help to soothe any itchiness in our beards. 

The skin underneath our whiskers can dry out for several reasons - whether it’s because we’re using the wrong beard wash, cleansing with hot water, or it’s just sharp stubble growing through the skin. More often than not, this dry skin will often leave us with the urge to scratch our beards relentlessly.

Luckily, treating this dry skin is as easy as using a beard oil containing MCT oil. It’ll help to soothe the skin underneath our facial hair by providing a kick of moisture - keeping any scratching to a minimum.

Fight-Off Dandruff 

What’s worse than a case of beard-itch? Beard-druff, of course. 

Beard dandruff is exactly what it sounds like. It occurs when the dry skin beneath our beard begins to flake through the facial hair - leading to itching, redness, and irritation. 

Harsh cleansers or shampoos are one of the most common triggers of beard-druff. These products strip away the natural oils in the beard, leaving behind a dry, brittle mess of hair. 

Luckily, this common skin condition is very easy to deal with. Aside from using gentle beard washes, you should also be rehydrating your beard with beard oil containing MCT oil. This will help to replenish and soothe the skin to help keep those flakes out of your whiskers. 

Softens The Hair 

If you’re looking for ways to improve the look and feel of your beard, MCT oil is a simple answer. 

Adding MCT oil into your beard-care routine can work to soften any coarse facial hair, providing it with a welcoming, silky touch. And with this softer touch also comes a healthy lustre - a subtle finish that’ll make your beard look even better to any on-lookers. 

With softer facial hair, those though-provoking chin strokes will be all the more satisfying - what could be better? 

Easier To Detangle 

combing beard

What could be more annoying than combing through your beard and suddenly snagging on a beard knot? 

The occasional tangle is inevitable for many beards-man. Though adding MCT into your beard-care routine may be able to make these knots more manageable - especially for blokes rocking a longer beard

MCT doesn’t only help to soften your beard hairs, but it can also make them much easier to detangle. Before you know it, your beard comb will be gliding through your whiskers like butter. 

Milkman Grooming + MCT Oil 

If you’re eager to start reaping the rewards of MCT oil, it’s well worth adding this ingredient into your beard care routine. Not only will it help to naturally moisturise your whiskers, but it’ll also help to soothe any itchiness and fight off any signs of beard dandruff. 

If you’re on the hunt for a product containing MCT oil, try this Beard Oil by Milkman. It has one of the most complex, well-balanced formulas available. It contains botanical oils, coconut-derived MCT, antioxidants, and aloe vera extract to help soothe, soften, and moisturise your whiskers - while also leaving behind a satisfying fragrance. 

milkman beard oil with mct oil


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