How to Trim a Moustache in 6 Easy Steps

man trimming moustache in front of mirror

Learning how to trim a moustache properly is a must-know for guys hoping to rock a clean, tidy ‘tache. After all, the alternative is an untamed, bushy mess - shortly followed by a reluctant shave. 

Don’t fall victim to the razor just yet. With the right moustache grooming routine by your side, you can transform your mo’ from good to great in only a few simple steps. 

Are you ready to learn how to trim a moustache? Below, we’ve detailed our 6-step guide to ease you through the process - take a look! 

Moustache Trimming Mistakes To Avoid 

If you want the best results when trimming your own ‘tache, you’ll need to dodge these common mistakes. By avoiding these trivial errors, you can keep your moustache looking it's very best.

Let It Dry

You may have noticed when you get a hair cut that the barber or stylist will often spray your hair with water before hitting it with the scissors. Doing this helps the hair to straighten out so they get a nice even cut when the hair is pulled straight between the fingers or a comb before cutting. 

For this reason it may be tempting to reach for your scissors and have a quick trim after hopping out of the shower - but trust us, for the untrained, it is generally not worth the hassle. Wet facial hairs can look a lot longer than they actually are, which can trick us into cutting more off than we need to. 

Don’t fall for this common grooming mistake. Unless you've got experience with what you're doing, it’s always best to cut your facial hair when it’s dry. 

Get The Lighting Right

mirror lights in bathroom for trimming moustache

Trimming your moustache requires a certain level of precision, which is why lighting plays an important role in the process. After all, you need to see what you’re chopping off! 

If you’re struggling to navigate your mo’, it may be worth switching to another area of the house with better lighting.

Going Too Short

When it comes to cutting your whiskers, it pays to take a conservative approach. Instead of playing a guessing game and taking large chunks out of your moustache, try progressively trimming smaller amounts off at a time. 

    It may take longer, but this simple tip could stop you from cutting too much of your moustache off and reluctantly reaching for the razor. If you do go too hard, it may take a few days or weeks to recover. Facial hair typically grows at around 0.3-0.5 mm per day.

    How To Trim A Moustache 

    Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can get into the good stuff. For those blokes new to the world of moustache trimming, check out our step-by-step guide to ease you through the process in one piece. 

    1. Prepare The Space 

    Just like with most situations in life, preparation is the key to success - and trimming your moustache is no exception. 

    For the best results, it’s worth taking a moment to get these smaller details right before you start snipping. Start by choosing a location with the best lighting - after all, cutting your whiskers in a poorly lit space is just asking for trouble.

    Then, gather everything you’ll need - including a moustache comb, facial hair scissors, and moustache wax. 

    2. Comb Your Mo’

    This step is absolutely essential. Before you even think about reaching for those scissors, you’ll need to take a quick minute to comb your moustache. 

    Combing your ‘tache will help to straighten the facial hair, eliminate split ends, bring stray hairs into line, and make it easier to cut to your desired length. This will also clean-out any stubborn crumbs, making your job even easier. 

    To brush your whiskers, all you need to do is comb in a downward motion - starting from the top borders and sliding over the lips. 

    moustache comb

    This Mini Styler Pocket Comb is a little powerhouse, helping to clean-out leftovers, deal with split-ends, and assist with ‘tache styling - the perfect combination for moustache trimming. Plus, the compact size is great for on-the-go adjustments.

    3. Start With Hanging Hairs

    Now that you’ve taken care of the nitty-gritty, it’s time to reach for those facial scissors - starting with those pesky hairs hanging over your lips. 

    Begin at the corners of your mouth, slowly working your way into the middle. Use the shape of your upper lip as a guide. Don’t cut excessive amounts off at a time - instead, make small adjustments until you reach the right length. 

    If you’re going to be trimming your moustache regularly, it’s worth investing in a tool you’ll enjoy using - like these Beard & Moustache Trimming Scissors. These have a durable titanium finish, are razor sharp straight from the box, and feature a deluxe brass finger rest and pivot screw. 

    4. Work On The Upper ‘Tache

    Now that you’ve taken care of the base, it’s time to work through the top of your moustache. 

    Begin by combing through your moustache, cutting the hairs on the outside of the comb to your preferred length. Remember, once the hairs are gone, they’re gone. Go slow, taking smaller amounts off as you go until you reach the right length. 

    5. Final Touches

    Do you notice any fly-away hairs sticking out? 

    When you’ve nailed the shape and length, you can now take a quick moment to run a comb through your mo’ and snip away any unruly facial hairs that won’t fall in line. This will tidy-up your look, making your whiskers look much neater. 

    6. Style To Finish 

    You're not done quite yet - to nail your desired mo’ style, you’re going to need to use a moustache wax. The wax will give your ‘tache some definition and keep the facial hair in place.

    Get started with styling wax by warming a small amount between your index finger and thumb. Then, distribute the blend through your mo’, moving from the middle to the tips. For an even spread, trying using a moustache comb.

    If you’re on the hunt for a strong wax, try the Mo-Stick - with an oil-based formula to keep your whiskers firm and in place. Plus, the twist-up tube makes it easy to apply - especially while you’re about n’ about. 


    With these 6 simple steps by your side, learning how to trim a moustache couldn’t be easier. Though if you need an extra hand picking a style or shape’, take a look at our recent post: ‘7 Popular Moustache Styles For 2021’.


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