How to take care of your shaving equipment

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Every barber will attest that you need two things for the perfect shave; primary shaving education and the ideal razor suited to your skin type and contours. Investing in the best shavers and handles can be expensive, but entirely worth it, and the last thing you want is to find them damaged, dirty and unusable. In this article, we share with you how to best care for your shaving equipment, and how to easily wash and store them appropriately to extend their use.

Daily care or care after each use

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What matters when aiming to extend the longevity of your razors and handles is how you store them day-to-day.  On the shelf in a wet puddle is definitely not giving your razor the fighting chance it deserves.  As the busy man can easily forget to clean and store his shaving equipment, it’s best to develop a routine that’s simple and effective, and that’s easy to remember.

Every day or at least after you use your razor, make sure you rinse your shaving blade and handle after use, clearing away hair and skin build-up with water and mild soap.  Once you are satisfied that the cleaning process is completed, store the razor somewhere safe, out of children’s reach, in an area suited for air-drying if you are in a hurry.  If you have time, pat down your razor with a clean, dry towel and store it in a dark cool place in your bathroom.

Deep clean your razors every so often

Periodically, it’s essential to give your razor and handle a thorough clean, clearing out between the blades to deeply remove the grime and build up that just doesn’t come off on the daily or after every use clean.  To get the best clean, use a warm, mild detergent, soaking the blade and razor separately in the water. Using a clean toothbrush is a useful tool; use the bristles to scrub between the blades carefully, rinsing through once completed. Much like your daily storage, airdry your razor and handle, or with a clean paper towel.

You will notice your shaving equipment, especially the razors, won’t last forever, despite how much you clean them. Depending on the type of razor you buy, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on replacement frequency, the ideal length of use, and how often they recommend cleaning.  We would recommend that you change your disposable blade regularly (weekly if you shave a few times a week) to ensure that you are giving yourself the best shaving experience each and every time.  Blunt razors will quickly cut into your face and that’s a whole other issue and blog post.

Deep clean your shaving brush

Shaving brushes can accumulate dead skin cells and oils from the natural build-up from the face and can become a breeding area for bacteria.  Yuck!  While you are rinsing your brush after each use is essential (and the least amount of cleaning you should do), giving your brush a thorough clean once a week would be considered best practise.  Again, we recommend using a mild soap or a specific brush cleanser to wash the bristles with your fingertips and allow it to air dry.   Keeping your tools clean and dry will increase the longevity of them and allow you to potentially pass down these tools to children and grandchildren as heirlooms.  If you are unwell, cleanse your brush more often to stop the spread of germs, or consider not using your brush until you are better.

Cleaning of cream and soaps

It doesn’t take much for your shaving cream container, lid and pump to become clogged through use.  With a build-up around the cap, the product can dry and sour, wasting your time and money replacing it.  Wipe down the extra build up as often as you can and clean down your entire bottle and pump every week.

Milkman Clear Shave gel

Here at Milkman Grooming Co we have moved away from the traditional lubrications of the creams and soaps as they tend to dry out your face and cause a lot of clogging in the shaving equipment.  Our Clear Shave Gel is water based and is designed to be slippery as hell, putting moisture back into the face and as it is water based, it rarely clogs your razor. 

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