Debunking 8 Common Hair Care Myths For Men

barber cradling a man's hair after a barber shop hair cut whilst talking about hair care myths

We’ve all come across these common men’s hair care myths at one point or another. 

Whether you’ve heard that you need to wash your hair every day or wearing hats causes baldness - it’s time to shoot down these common hair care myths once and for all. 

Below, we’ve debunked the 8 most common hair care myths that men often fall for. Find out more below! 

Myth: You Should Wash Your Hair Daily 

A common men’s hair care myth we frequently hear is: ‘you need to use shampoo daily to clean your hair.' Though, this often isn’t the case at all. 

The reality is that washing your hair daily will often do more harm than good. Shampoos are designed to absorb the excess oil, sweat, and dirt that build up in your hair. Though, when you use shampoo every day, these products will also remove the natural oils that keep your hair and scalp moisturised. 

By stripping these natural oils away with a daily wash, your hair will be left feeling dry, brittle, and damaged. 

Instead of using shampoo daily, try washing your hair every 2 or 3 days to give your scalp a break. 

Myth: Dry Shampoo Can Replace A Wet Wash 

man washing his hair in the shower

Particularly when your hair is feeling greasy and difficult to style, dry shampoo can be great in a pinch. Though contrary to popular belief, these products simply can’t replace a thorough wet wash with a shampoo and conditioner. 

Unlike regular shampoo, dry shampoo doesn’t actually clean your hair. Instead, it just binds to the excess oily in your hair to add volume and provide a cleaner appearance. 

Using a dry shampoo occasionally won’t do much harm. Though, relying on these products every day can lead to brittle hair. 

Myth: 3-In-1 Body Wash Is Bad For Your Hair 

Thanks to those cheap and nasty supermarket products, 3-in-1 body washes have gotten a bad reputation over recent years. 

That being said, the benefits of these products become a reality when you choose a boutique 3-In-1 body wash with deluxe ingredients. These products can add real value to any shower routine. They’re convenient, time-saving, cost-effective, and very effective. 

Remember: when you use quality products, you get quality results. 

Myth: Cutting Your Hair Frequently Makes It Grow Faster 

Visiting your local barber can be a great way to maintain your hairstyle and tidy up your appearance. Though one thing you shouldn’t expect from regular visits is for your hair to suddenly start growing faster. 

The speed at which your hair grows is determined by your genetics and specific lifestyle factors. The one thing that won’t influence your hair growth is regular hair cuts. 

If you’re trying to grow your hair, the best thing you can do is to promote its health by eating well and trying to limit stress. 

Myth: Plucking Grey Hairs Will Make More Grow

The idea that ‘plucking your grey hairs will make more grow’ is just not true, though this common misconception has been around for ages. 

This idea just doesn’t make sense. Only one strand of hair can grow from the follicle you’re plucking from, so plucking grey hair won’t affect the surrounding follicles. Grey hairs will only start to appear when pigments in follicles begin to die. 

Besides, plucking grey hairs isn’t a great idea anyway. If you continue you remove a grey strand as it appears, it won’t leave you much to work with. Instead, you could accept the transition to grey or try using a hair dye. 

Myth: Wearing Hats Causes Baldness 

man with lots of hair wearing a hat

For the gentlemen always wearing a hat, this one's for you. After all, this common hair care myth is just ridiculous! Does wearing hats cause baldness? Absolutely not. 

Only if you’re wearing your hats extremely tight, you might experience some breakages from consistently taking it on and off - though, that’s about the extent of it.

If you’re really worried about your hats causing hair loss, just make sure your headwear isn’t choking your head. 

Myth: You Can Train Your Hair 

As much as we’d like to believe this, it’s just not possible to train your hair to grow in a certain direction. 

No matter how frequently you’re blow-drying or combing your hair one way, you’ll find these habits won’t actually change how your hair grows from the roots. 

Luckily, this is where hairstyling products can come in handy. These products are designed to help you defy the way your hair grows, helping you to create the styles you’re looking for.

Myth: Cheap Haircuts Are The Same As Expensive Ones 

professional barber doing a mohawk fade

Believe it or not, there’s a major difference between those cheap haircuts you’ll find in a shopping mall and the proper treatment you’ll get from an actual barber. 

You’ll often find some barbers are more expensive than others, particularly because they’ve invested in training and equipment to provide a superior haircut. 

This might not be applicable if you’re choosing straightforward styles such as the buzz cut - though, for guys with longer or more elaborate styles, it pays to go with a professional. 

There you have it! We’ve debunked 8 common hair care myths for men. If you’re hungry for more, be sure to read this recent post on our blog: ‘Busting Some Of The Most Popular Beard Care Myths’.


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