Busting Some of the Most Popular Beard Care Myths

bearded doctor scratching head at beard myths
If you've never had a beard before, are just starting to grow one for the first time right now, or even if you've had a beard for years, you may be believing some beard care myths you aren't even aware are false. The team here at Milkman are devoted to helping to spread the truth about how to care for your bread properly - so let's dive right into busting some serious beard care myths.

Myth: Shaving your beard will make it grow back faster

This is a myth still believed by people all around the world, and not just for beard hair. However, it's a myth that is categorically false. Shaving off the hair on any part of your body does not make it grow back quicker; you're best to just leave the hair to its own devices, simply keeping it well-shaped and cared for.

Myth: Beard care products don't work

If you apply a product wrong then yes, it probably won't have much effectiveness - but this is true of any product. The reality is that beard care products are often specially formulated to tackle various issues, from beard acne and flaky skin to itchiness and dry hair. Just like you would with any other self-improvement product, choose a beard care products that addresses and rectifies your own concerns.

Myth: Wiry and curly beard hair is untameable

Wrong again! In fact, wiry and curly beard hair is easy to groom and be tamed if you have the right tools. We recommend a beard brush to help keep the hair detangled, and the regular use of beard oil or serum will help help the wiry look at bay. Of course, wiry or curly beards can offer some of the most distinguished appearances when groomed well, so style as you please!

Myth: You can get your beard care products from simply anywhere

Well, we mean...you can. But Milkman should be your top pick. Whether you're looking for shaving accessories, beard care products, moustaches groomers, and everything in between, Milkman offers it all. Our products are affordable and top-quality, meaning your beloved facial care will be as happy as your wallet.


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