Double Edge Razor Vs Cartridge Razor

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A double edge razor vs cartridge razor - which shaving tool is better for your face? Whether you’re new to shaving or a seasoned pro, you’ve likely come across this debate before. Each device is capable of dealing with your stubble, but which razor will give you the best results?

In this blog post, we’ve covered the differences between a double edge razor vs cartridge razor, so you can choose the best shaving tool for your face. Check it out! 

What Is A Safety Razor? 

Firstly, what is a double edge safety razor? A safety razor is essentially a shaving tool, typically made from stainless steel. They fit one single or double edged blade with a protective device slotted between it and the skin.  

Safety razors were invented in the 1900s by Gillette to make it easier for gentlemen to give themselves a clean shave at home without having to visit a barber. The razor’s design included a two-piece design and a double edge blade. 

double edge safety razor

Though these traditional shaving devices were popular throughout the 1900s, they’re making a strong comeback today. These days, safety razors come in a wide range of designs to suit the user. This includes slant, open comb, adjustable, 2-piece, 3-piece, and more. 

Benefits Of Safety Razors 

Now that we know what a safety razor is and how it works, what are the benefits of adding this tool into your shaving routine? We’ve listed the pros and cons of using a safety razor below. 

The Pros 

A Closer Shave

One of the core reasons why blokes will pick-up a safety razor is for a closer shave. The weighted razor features a single blade that sits flush against the skin to leave you with a smoother shave. 

Less Skin Irritation

If guys aren’t using a safety razor for a closer shave, it’s to help lessen/ eliminate skin irritation from their shaving routine. The sharp blade won’t drag across your face and is less-likely to clog-up - reducing your odds of razor bumps and irritation. 


One of the best things about safety razors is that they’re long-lasting. Unlike their disposable counterparts, safety razors don’t have to be thrown out every six or so shaves. If they’re properly cared for, these traditional shaving tools can last you for years - though the blades need to be regularly replaced. 

Save Money

Not only are safety razors long-lasting, but they can also give you great value - since you won’t need to consistently replace your cartridges. The up-front cost of a good safety razor may seem intimidating, but you’ll be saving money in the long run. Sure, you’ll need to replace the actual blades - but they’re often much cheaper than cartridges.

Simple To Clean

Unlike cartridges, safety razors are much easier to keep clean. Though there are many designs to choose from, safety razors often feature a 2 or 3-part detachable head, which you can pull apart to thoroughly clean. With a spotless razor, you’ll reduce your odds of razor burn, skin irritation, or picking up a nasty nick or cut. 

The Cons 

A Learning Curve

Though safety razors can elevate your shaving game to a whole new level, there is a learning curve to take into account here. Before you start reaping the rewards, you’ll need to take some time and learn how to properly wield this shaving instrument. 

The safety razor should sit at a 30° angle against your face for the best results. Use short strokes to trim your stubble away while moving in the same direction of hair growth - don’t go against the grain. You’ll only need to put a light pressure behind the safety razor - let the weight of this tool do all the work. 

You can expect a few minor nicks and cuts in this learning period, but your results will get better as you master the safety razor. 

What Is A Cartridge Razor? 

Next up, we have cartridge razors - a widely popular and very convenient shaving option for blokes these days. 

The first cartridge razor was released in the 1970s, also by Gillette. The initial design featured a removable cartridge with two secure blades. These tools significantly reduced the skill needed to get a cleaner shave.

mach 3 compatible cartridge razor

These days, cartridge razors feature many different elements to help blokes get the most from their shaving routine. This includes up to six blades in the razor’s head, revolving features, a lubrication strip, and so much more. 

The Benefits Of Cartridge Razors 


Guys will often use cartridge razors because they’re really convenient. They’re great if you’re in a rush and need a quick shave - with a very little risk of getting a nick or cut. Plus, switching out the cartridges is a fast and easy process. 

Easy To Use

Not only are cartridge razors a very convenient shaving option, but they’re also really easy to use. Unlike with a safety razor, there’s no learning curve. As long as you follow those standard shaving rules, (use a lubricant, don’t go against the grain, etc.) you’re good to go.

The Cons

They’re Expensive

On the other hand, cartridge razors are very expensive. At first glance, their price may seem very appealing - though considering how often they need to be replaced, they don’t offer great value. This is compared to safety razors, which can last years at a time if you look after them properly. 

Skin Irritation

Razor burn and skin irritation is another common result of using cartridge razors. It’s very easy for these blades to become clogged with hair, dead cells, or shaving cream - which is a recipe for disaster. You’ll often be left with an uneven shave and skin irritation - not a great combination. 

Short Lifespan

Because cartridge razors have such a short lifespan, you’ll find that they constantly need replacing. A cartridge will only last about six or so shaves before going blunt - so you’ll need to stay on top of this to avoid shaving with dull blades. 

Not Eco-Friendly

From an environmental stand-point, disposable cartridge razors aren’t an eco-friendly shaving option. They have a very wasteful, single-use nature - and are not easily recycled. Because of this, they continue to take a heavy toll on the environment. 

Double Edge Razor Vs Cartridge Razor

We’ve covered the pros and cons of shaving with a double edge razor vs cartridge razor - so which shaving tool should you be using? 

Between these two shaving instruments, we recommended using a safety razor over a cartridge razor. Once you pass the learning curve, these tools can take your shaving game to a whole new level. They can reduce skin irritation, provide a closer shave, are much easier to clean, and will save you money in the long run - what’s not to love?

If you’re eager to start using a safety razor, try this sleek Double Edge Safety Razor with a matte black handle. With a modern design on the traditional shaving tool, this safety razor will look great in any grooming kit. 

Though for blokes that still enjoy the convenience and simplicity of shaving with a cartridge razor, we’d suggest checking out this Mach 3 Compatible Cartridge Razor. It’s a great plastic-free alternative to disposable razors. Plus, the stainless steel head and cigar-shaped beechwood handle prove to create an outstanding shaving experience.


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