How to Comb Your Beard

man combing beard

Learning how to comb your beard is one of those lessons every beards-man should master. After all, a properly brushed beard is essential for transforming wild facial hair into a sweet-looking mane - why not take advantage of it? 

Are you keen to learn how to comb your beard? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you sorted. Below, we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide for combing your beard properly - take a look! 

The Benefits Of Combing Your Beard 

For any blokes still on the fence, we’ve listed the key reasons why you should start combing your beard every day.

Clean Your Whiskers

If you’re tired of picking crumbs from your beard, consider getting into the habit of combing your beard. A finer-toothed comb is a perfect tool for getting rid of any trapped food particles hiding in your whiskers. Plus, with all these crumbs out of the way, we’ll bet your beard will look even better. 

Style & Shape

One of the main reasons why guys will grab a beard comb is to help with styling. With the help of some beard balm or mo’ wax, you can use your comb to shape your beard into a much neater shape. 


Beard oil is great for hydrating your skin and hair - though to help effectively spread-out the formula, you’ll need a beard comb. There’s only so much your palms and fingers can do. With the right beard comb, you’ll be able to reach the often-neglected skin under your whiskers and provide a kick of moisture.

How To Comb Your Beard 

Now that we’ve covered the basic benefits of combing your beard daily, let’s get into the good stuff. Learn how to comb your beard with our simple guide below. 

Get The Right Comb 

Alright, guys, the first thing you’ll need to do is grab a beard comb - sounds simple enough, right? Though when it comes to actually buying the right product, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Before buying a comb, you’ll need to understand what you want to use a beard comb for. Are you buying a comb to detangle your beard? If so, you’ll need to grab a tool with wider, thicker teeth. Or, if you want a comb to help with styling, shaping, and cleaning your beard, try using a finer toothed comb instead. 

Both functions are pretty essential for beard care, so it might be worth grabbing a detangling and styling comb - we’ve listed our favourites at the bottom of this article. 

Comb Out & Up

man combing beard up and out

Once you’ve got the right tool, it’s time to start combing!

Start with your wide-tooth comb - point the teeth straight up and comb your beard in an upward-outward direction. Start by working up your neckline and continue moving towards your chin and cheeks. Be gentle with this step - you don’t want to rip out any of your beard hairs. 

This will help to effectively detangle and separate your whiskers

Brush It Down 

Your beard must look pretty outrageous at this point - don’t worry, this next step will sort that out.

After you’ve finished combing outward, you can start brushing the hairs back down and into place. As you go, you can start to style and shape your beard into a much neater appearance. 

Finish The Mo’

With your beard all sorted out, all that’s left to do is tidy-up that moustache. Those thick, wider-toothed combs won’t do the trick - you’ll likely need to pick-up a fine-toothed moustache comb to help with precise styling.

As for the technique, it’s pretty straight-forward - be sure to work from the middle-out with soft strokes, moving the comb in a down-and-out motion. From here, you can use a bit of mo’ wax to shape and style’.  

If you need a hand choosing a moustache shape, we’ve listed a few popular styles in this post: ‘7 Popular Moustache Styles For 2021.’

The Best Beard Combs For Guys 

Have all these beard comb benefits got you feeling giddy? If you’re keen to get your hands on a premium beard comb, we’ve provided a quick list of our favourite ones below. Take a look! 

Beard Comb 

First up, we have this sleek sandalwood Beard Comb - specifically built to detangle your stubborn beard hairs. The piece has thick, high-profile teeth that won’t get caught on your whiskers, but will instead leave them feeling as smooth as butter. 

Mini Styler Pocket Comb 

If you’re chasing an on-the-go pocket comb, this Mini Styler Pocket Comb is the answer. It’s great for cleaning out any food crumbs that are lingering around after lunch, or for precise styling while you’re out n’ about. 

Though what we love about this beard comb is that it’s so easy to travel with - it slides right into your pocket! 

Beard Beast Beard Comb 

The Beard Beast Beard Comb is no joke - with a powerhouse of beard combing benefits up for grabs, this handy comb will quickly become your favourite grooming tool. 

What’s so great about this particular comb is that it offers the best of both worlds - the thicker end is designed for detangling while the finer teeth on the other side are for precise styling. 

Though our absolute favourite thing about this beast of a comb is that it’s big enough for styling your hair too. There’s no need for multiple brushes and combs on your bathroom counter - all you need is the Beard Beast. 


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