When To Start Using Moustache Wax 

moustache wax

Knowing when to start using moustache wax can be pretty confusing - especially if you’ve never touched the stuff. 

Though with the wide range of benefits they can offer, you simply can’t hesitate on using these legendary products. After all, they can take your beard-game from good to great in no time at all. 

Once your moustache is long enough, it’s well worth investing in a mo’ wax. 

For blokes wondering when to start using moustache wax, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we listed a few common moustache stages and hints that you can use to figure out if you’re ready for mo’ wax. Take a look! 

What Is Moustache Wax?

Let’s kick things off with the basics - what is moustache wax? 

Moustache wax has been a popular men's grooming product for centuries - traditionally made from a stiff pomade and used to provide the hair with a neater, uniform appearance

Over the years, the benefits of using moustache waxes have become much broader. At its very core, the product is still used for shaping and styling, though it’s also used to condition facial hair, moisturise the skin beneath, and provide a satisfying scent. 

When To Start Using Moustache Wax

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

This may sound a bit obvious, but knowing when to start using moustache wax starts with growing out your whiskers. Because this product is largely used for shaping and styling, guys with longer facial hair will get the most from using wax. 

Everyone’s facial hair grows at different rates, which is why guys will start using these products at different times. Though for a rough time frame, men can try using a moustache wax after about 3-months of growth. 

That being said, there are a few other signs or occasions blokes will reach for a mo’ wax - don’t worry, we’ve listed them below. 

Tips For Taming Longer Moustaches 

As satisfying as it can be, many moustachioed men can relate to the frustrations that come with rocking a longer ‘stache. After all, they’ll often hang over your lips, fly up your nose, and can catch on your food. 

Luckily, mo’ wax can make these simple issues a lot easier to deal with. These products can help to lock the hairs into place, keeping them out of your nose and firm on your upper lip. 

So if your whiskers are getting a little uncomfortable, consider putting down your razor and grabbing a moustache wax instead.

For Styling & Shaping

For guys rocking a moustache in the workplace, you’re likely going to need to keep the facial hair neat and tidy. And if you’re working with a longer ‘stache, you might need an extra hand to give your whiskers a uniform appearance - which is where a moustache wax will come in handy. 

These products help us to tame any flyaway hairs and keep the whiskers in place - which can be very helpful for guys hoping to clean up their upper lip without shaving

For Training The Hair

Are you looking for ways to train your whiskers to grow out instead of down? If so, it might be time to start using moustache wax. 

With the help of a strong wax and comb, you can encourage your moustache to grow in a new pattern over time. This can be a very handy lesson for blokes wearing a set of Handlebars - helping to keep the hairs out of the mouth when they grow longer.

When it comes to training facial hair, it’s better to start early - so get your hands on a wax sooner rather than later. 

How To Choose A Moustache Wax 

Understanding the right time to start using moustache wax is only half the battle. Before you actually start using the product, you’re going to need to learn how to choose a moustache wax. Here are a few quick tips to get you started. 

Consider Your Mo’ Length

One of the most important things to consider before grabbing a moustache wax is the length of your facial hair. After all, the longer your whiskers are, the more product you’re going to be using. 

If you expect that you’re going to be using the wax regularly, don’t grab a tiny jar. This typically won’t be good value and will be gone before you know it. Instead, grab a product that’ll last you a long time and will provide more bang for your buck! 

Your Desired Shape & Style

Before you start looking for a moustache wax, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the mo’ style you’d like to create. Since the various shapes will require different levels of strength, you’ll need to grab a product that can keep up with your needs. 

For example - if you’re creating a subtle, natural-looking shape like the Chevron moustache, you can settle for a water-based wax with a light to medium hold. Or if you need a product to keep your Handlebar moustache locked and in place, you’ll likely need an oil-based wax with a much stronger hold. 


Do you like making adjustments to your whiskers while you’re out ‘n about? If so, it’s well worth grabbing a moustache wax that’s easy to travel with.

Waxes packed into tiny jars are better used at home since they don’t fit into your pocket well and can leave your fingers feeling oily. 

Instead, opt for a product packed into a sleeker container with a hands-free application. It may sound simple, but it’ll take a lot of the stress out of re-styling your ‘stache. 

Moustache Wax By Milkman 

milkman moustache wax

Are you hunting for a premium moustache wax? Try this Mo’ Stick by Milkman. The oil-based formula doesn’t just keep your whiskers locked in place all day long, but it’ll also help to create some gravity-defying styles. 

Unlike other products, the Mo’ Stick is packed into a handy twist-tube and applies directly to the moustache - making it a great on-the-go product.

Though our absolute favourite thing about this product is that the 15ml tube lasts for a crazy amount of time. You can spend less time shopping for a wax, and more time stroking your ‘stache in deep thought.


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