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In the first episode of this series, expert barber instructor Antony from The Barbery in Adelaide takes us through 2 beard styles. First up is Darcy, a lawyer from Sydney who came in for a clean up of his hair & beard. We gave him a light low fade & throwback before it was onto the beard. To start, Antony combs in some beard oil to pre-soften & lubricate the beard for cutting. Without a guide, some of the longer strays are trimmed off to get a basic shape. Then with a one & a half guide on the trimmer, the side burn & sides of the beard are blended in.

Darcy is then reclined & Antony trims under the neck, being sure not to undercut the natural line of the beard. To give the beard nice sharp lines, our clear shave gel is used with a cut throat razor to neaten the cheek and neck areas. When shaving the neck be sure to shave upwards whilst gently stretching out the skin in front of the blade. Using the mirror, some finishing touches are applied around the mouth & to shape out the beard. To reduce post shave irritation after shave serum is used on the skin. Pro tip, the beard trim can then be finished with a light blow dry to remove clipped hairs & straighten the beard out.

Next up was Milkman Grooming Co Ambassador Yash. Very little was done to Yash's hair as he wanted to keep the length. Using clips, Antony pinned the hair out of the way and went straight to work on the beard. As Yash was already an avid Milkman beard oil user, there was no need to apply beard oil before the trim. All Antony had to do was comb the beard straight & give the beard some shape. Starting with the sides, the beard was blended in using the trimmer. With the guide removed, the clipper was then used to neaten up the moustache. Using the mirror, the whole beard was lightly trimmed to give it a nice shape & the clear shave gel was once again used to create sharp lines. To lock in the shape Antony uses Beard Candy beard balm which has a light to medium natural hold that gives Yash's beard a great shape & lustre.

Stay tuned for our next video where we'll be dealing with a patchy beard, a clean shave & a transformation that you have to see to believe.




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