Patchy Beard Fix & a Total Transformation

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In the second episode of this series, expert barber instructor Antony from The Barbery in Adelaide takes us through 2 beard styles. First up is Darkian, a Brazilian student traveling through Australia. Darkian had a patch in his beard under the chin. His hair was already in fantastic condition so we left that alone and Ton went straight to fixing up that patch. Here's the video:



By carefully recreating the beard lines through his neck using a trimmer with no guard the basic outline of the shape was created. Then using our Clear Shave Gel & a razor, the hair was cleaned away to reveal a beard without the patches. After pre-treating the beard with some beard oil Ton also did some blending & shaping work on the beard. After the service, the shaved areas were treated with some After Shave Serum to reduce post shave dryness & irritation.

Depending on where the patches are, there is either a lot you can do, or a little you can do to optimise the look of a patchy beard. For more in-depth articles on this topic we recommend you read our posts on Tips for Patch Beards & Patchy Beard Styles.

Next up we had Fernando who came in with a bowl cut & a beard that was well out of shape. By fading in the sides & blow drying a pompadour, Ton quickly got Fernando's hair looking great. To match it up, he blended in the sides of the beard, shaped it and cleared out the margins with a razor and more Clear Shave Gel. By the end Fernando's look was completely transformed. This is a great video to show just how powerful a good facial hair styling is to optimise your look.

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