Clean Shaving Long Hair & Beard Shaping

barber beard trim and shave series
In the third video of this series our expert barber Antony Saltari (Ton) from the Barbery in Adelaide shows us how he crafts beards into works of art using years of experience along with the right tools & products. In part one we show you how to clean shave long stubble (over 1 cm in length) leaving silky smooth skin.
First, Ton applies shave oil to our model Daniel, before placing a hot towel over the face for about 2 minutes. This combination of hot water & oil pre-softens the hair remarkably well & is especially useful when shaving hair this long. Without it, the razor can have a tendency to pull on the hair and multiple passes may be necessary. This increases the risk of nicks and irritation.
Once the 2 minutes is up, Ton applies Milkman Clear Shave Gel to assist with razor glide & starts the shave.
A few things are important remember when using the cutthroat razor. First, be sure to stretch the skin in the path of the blade. Second, always be shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Once a first pass is done, more Clear Shave Gel can be applied for a second pass. This will remove any missed spots and bring the shave that much closer.
In the second part we show you how to blend & shape big beards using our beard models Brendan & Daniel. Blending the sides of the beard with the hair is critical in achieved a really clean look that screams to the world you're a guy who takes pride in his appearance. Before trimming Ton applies beard oil to pre-soften the beard & to assist in lubricating the trimmer blades. The size of trimmer guard needed will vary depending on the length of your beard & how closely cropped the side of your hair cut is.
To blend, the sideburn area of the beard is brought down with the trimmer. Then with a slightly longer guard, the area around the jaw up to the side burn is blended in. Final shaping is generally done freehand. To finish, a great beard shape can be achieved by applying Beard Candy beard balm. With it's gentle low to medium hold, it give a natural looking shape & lustre to the beard.
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