Answers to Annoying Moustache Questions

Answers to Annoying Moustache Questions

Q:  Did you grow it for Movember and just decided to keep it?

    A:  I got so many compliments I just had to.


    Q: Is that a caterpillar on your lip?

    A: Yes, and he has feelings too!


    A:  Do you use it as a soup strainer?

      Q:  I’m not 6 years old. Everything I eat goes directly into my mouth.


      Q:  Can you smell it?

        A:  Only after I eat soup.


        Q:  Why don’t you grow a CRAZY moustache?

          A:  That’s a great idea. They should call you Steve Jobs.


          Q:  So tell me what a moustache ride is?

            A:  Why don’t I show you. 


            Q:  Do you stroke it like an evil villain?

              A:  Just when I think about taking over the world.


              Q:  Do you have a top hat collection?

                A:  Yes, it’s with my stamp collection


                Q:  Are you trying to hide the herpes?

                  A:  Please don’t tell anyone.


                  Q:  Didn’t I see you in that 70’s porno?

                    A:  Do you recognise the woody?


                    Q:  Are you best friends with Merv Hughes?

                      A:  I supplied the 52 cans of beer on the England flight. 


                      Q:  Where’s the rest of your beard?

                        A:  My moustache said I wasn’t allowed to grow one. 


                        Q:  Can you please get away from my child?

                          A:  Lady, I’m no where near you and your child. It’s the moustache isn’t it? [Backs away slowly].


                          Q:  Is this a new hipster thing?

                            A:  I want to slap you right now. 


                            Q:  I moustache you a question….

                              A:  Please don’t do that. 


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                              Author: John Porreca

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