How to Style your Moustache Using Mo Wax!

How to Style your Moustache Using Mo Wax!

From shaping a fancy handle bar to just getting the darn thing out of your mouth, styling is pivotal to a good moustache game. But getting your mo to behave can be harder than you think. For a start, it's made of thick wiry hair that tends to grow down towards the ground. Add a daily allowance of food and drink, plus some occasional fondling and you've got a lot of forces working against a shapely tash.

To mould your moustache into a masterpiece & symbol of masculinity you need the right technique. Many guys come to us with issues keeping the moustache in the style they want so we thought we'd prepare this authoritative guide to mo taming. 

Step 1: Shower

This step is very important when it comes to styling your Mo properly. The hot water of the shower softens the mo-hair and therefore make it more malleable and easy to style. If you don't have time to have a shower then the next best thing would be to soak you mo with hot water in your bathroom basin.

Step 2: Towel Drying
towel for your beard
Towel drying your mo is not just about drying your hair. It is an integral and first step of the styling process. Towel drying is a process of hair training. This is where you dry your hair using strokes of the towel into the direction you wish you mo-hair to sit.

For the most effective towel drying technique pinch a section of the towel with your index finger and thumb. Next, grab you mo-hairs with the towel and index finger combo starting from the middle of your lip and slowly drag your towel across your mo. Repeat this process and you notice you hair drying in the same direction.

Step 3: Combing & Brushing
moustache brush and comb

Using a fine tooth comb brush your mo one side at a time starting from the middle of
Your lip to the end of your mo, keeps doing this until all the hairs are going in an outward direction away from the centre of your lip. Repeat process for the other side of your mo. The object of this is to separate the mo-hairs from one another. This gives your moustache the appearance of greater volume and density and by separating the hairs with the comb or brush you are allowing for the mo wax to be distributed more evenly in the next step. The combing and brushing will also allow for a pre-style of your mo.
Step 4: Wax Application
moustache wax
Unlike other moustache products that come in a jar or tin, the Milkman Mo-Stick comes in a sleek tube designed for efficient application and offers uniform distribution of the product. In the same way, that you towelled and combed starting from the middle of the Mo and working your way to the tip of your hair, apply the Mo wax in the same way. After each stroke of the mo-wax use your other hand index finger and thumb and work the wax into your hair to form the desired shape. If you are noticing your mo clumping up or bits of poorly distributed wax in your mo don’t worry, the next step will promptly sort that out.

Step 5: Re-combing
moustache comb
While step 3 called for brushing or combing we suggest you just use you comb for this step. Again starting from the middle of your mo and working comb your making sure all wax is evenly distributed. If you feel like any areas have not been sufficiently covered then reapply the wax to these areas.
*The beauty of this product is that it has a more natural look than other mo wax brands that have a wet look.


Step 6: Final styling
styling a moustache
Using your index finger and thumb again pinch your hairs and style your mo in your desired style.

Whether you want a Salvador Dali mo, or you just want to give structure to your stash and keep it from getting into your food, this how to mo wax guide will get your mo looking tip-top.

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

Editor: Ben De Campo


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