What is a Beardrometer™??

beardrometer beard shaper, milkman grooming co.

Let’s face it, men LOVE to be pampered. Whether they like to admit it or not, they do. For the average Joe, going to the barber is an exciting experience and is the male version of a woman getting her nails or hair done. However, in between visits to the barber, peach fuzz around your cheeks and neckline can not only be a bloody pain in the ass, but make your beard look scruffy and potentially exaggerate beard patchiness. And that’s where the Milkman Beardrometer™ Beard Shaper comes into play. Allowing you to rid areas of sparse hair, you can create a margin of dense hair that makes your beard look thicker and neater. It’s your very own DIY barber shop, but now, you get all the credit.

beardrometer beard shaper, milkman grooming co.

 As Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” We used to recommend cleaning up your face freehandedly, but let’s face it. It’s hard. You might go a few hairs too deep, you try to even it out and the next thing you know, your beard has been hacked to pieces. You’ve ruined months and months of growth, compliments and your girlfriend complaining about it scratching her. Our Beardrometer™ is the solution for anyone who may be time poor or just not bothered to do a clean border.

The Milkman Beardrometer™ is compatible with razors and all sorts of electric trimmers. It also comes with 2 handy combs with different gauges to help guide your cutting, plus a brush for cleaning your trimmer afterwards. The indents down the side align with your ear to insure you’re getting a clean AF line each and every time. The convenient size means it’s perfect to fit in any toiletry bag (especially ours ;) )

beardrometer beard shaper

The Beardrometer is suitable for any man who cares about clean lines and a dense looking beard. At first it may seem a little gimmicky we do admit, but it is very useful and a tool you never knew you needed!

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Author: Shannon McGrath

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