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beard balm mini travel size, milkman grooming co.

beard balm mini travel size, milkman grooming co

Are you tired of people always going on about “bigger is better”? Do you hate how small things seem to be always over looked or looked down upon? Do you hate commitment? Do you hate me asking you question after question? Well, if so, I’ll stop. But seriously, if you answered yes to the first three questions, luckily for you, Milkman has come to your rescue and are pleased to announce a travel-sized Beard Balm Mini to our range.

We all know how exciting it is when a product you love comes in a handy compact size. For me personally, as a beardless young lady, it’s a tough call between those mini shampoos or the mini mouthwash. They get me so excited about travel and knowing I don’t have to lug around a full-sized bottle of shampoo or mouthwash like some kind of fool (who has that much luggage allowance to waste?) For all you beardiful blokes out there however, this little beauty contains the same great formula as our regular Beard Balm just… smaller. Weighing in at a tiny 13ml and being perfectly pocket sized, the mini is convenient to keep on you at all times. Like before a meeting or an all-important Tinder date. What man doesn’t love avoiding at least one awkward bulge in their pants? Finally, a small bulge you can be proud of.

Ahh commitment. Easy peasy lemon squeezy when it’s a TV show like Game of Thrones or a movie with almost a dozen episodes (I’m looking at you Star Wars). But when it comes to testing a new product for the first time it can be difficult difficult lemon difficult. Investing money is always a risk so knowing that this little beauty is cheap as chips (at $9.90) takes some pressure off those shoulders of yours, allowing you to pay for an extra drink or two at the Tinder date and hopefully getting you over the line.

travel size beard balm, milkman grooming co.


Following the launch of the Beard Balm Mini will be travel size Beard, Mo and Shave products. Travel sized goods are all the rage in the beauty world (yes, beard care comes under "beauty") mainly because of how mobile they are and the ability to finish before they expire meaning you only use product that is 100% fresh... #freshbetweentheears

Author: Shannon McGrath



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