Guest Post: 4 Streetwear Must Haves for Spring 2017

Guest Post: 4 Streetwear Must Haves for Spring 2017

It had to happen sooner or later. We get many requests for cross posting on our blog but frankly, we weren't sure what content you guys would like to see, so we hadn't progressed with it. But with our focus & resources slowly shifting towards creating more video content for you instead, we thought why not throw the blog's doors open & get some diversity into our posts. 

Our first collab post is from Poetic Gangster, a cool urban streetwear label fresh out of Australia. Today, they're going to hit you with the 4 streetwear "must haves" for Spring. Let us know what you think....

"Spring is finally here! As our social calendars start to rev up with the warmer weather so does our wardrobes, as we stock up on casual, bold t-shirts and unique hoodies for those cool nights. So it’s time to update your streetwear wardrobe! Luckily mens streetwear is ever evolving and becoming more stylish every season.

With the rise of brands like Stussy and Supreme, the t-shirt has become a statement piece paired with a snapback and jumper or hoodie.  

Here are 4 Streetwear Must Haves for Spring:

The Poetic Gangster T-shirt

poetic gangster

A staple for any mens streetwear wardrobe. Based in Melbourne , Poetic Gangster has a large range of t-shirts updated weekly. The Greek key circle tee is a streetwear favorite.

The Gucci T-shirt

gucci tshirt

An expensive choice but timeless, the Gucci Tee has become a classic worn by celebrities this summer. Every rapper and athlete on social media has been pictured in the Gucci logo tee. Also available in black and a jumper.

Supreme/Nike SB Force 2 Sneakers


nike sneakers

Supreme has become a power house when it comes to streetwear. Most of their collectible pieces sell out in days and these Nike sneakers are no different. 

The Poetic Gangster Hoodie

poetic gangster hoodie

Poetic Gangster has cemented its place as the streetwear online clothing store of 2017. Perfect for those cooler nights a Poetic Gangster Hoodie is a classic must have this season.

Streetwear is just warming up and spring is the perfect time to get your wardrobe updated and ready for the warmer months ahead."

Thanks Poetic Gangster!



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