What Hair Styling Product Should I Use?

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So, ‘what styling product should I use?’ Don’t worry, many guys have often wondered which styling product best suits their hair type.

With such a wide range of hair-styling products to choose from, finding the best product for your hair can seem like a real puzzle. Though, with a few basic tips and tricks, finding the right styling product for your hair quickly becomes a breeze. 

If you’re wondering ‘what styling product should I use?’, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about choosing the best styling product for your hair. Take a look! 

What Is Gel Pomade?

First up, we have gel pomade - what is it and how does it work?

Gel pomade is a popular styling product for men, used for its firm hold and high-shine finish. This product typically absorbs into the hair very smoothly, then hardens to lock the hair into place all day long. 

Because of its high-shine finish, it’s typically used to create classic hair-dos, such as slick backs, side-parts, and pompadours

'Just Jelly' Gel Pomade by Milkman 

Milkman Just Jelly Gel Pomade

If you’re eager to get started with a gel pomade, we’d suggest trying this Just Jelly Gel Pomade by Milkman

You’ll love the way it absorbs into the hair instantly - helping you to shape, style, and lock your hair-do into place. Plus, the high-shine finish will provide the hair with a healthy lustre for that slick look. 

What Is Matte Clay?

Next up, we have matte clay - another popular hair styling product that guys will often turn to.

Just like with gel pomade, these products also offer a firm hold to lock the hair into place all day - though what makes these products unique is the matte, no-shine finish that these products offer. Because of this, matte clay is the perfect choice for guys chasing a natural look.

Because of the matte finish, it’ll look like you aren’t using any product at all - people will just assume your hair naturally looks this awesome. 

Matte clays are best suited to guys rocking a textured, messier look or high-volume hairstyle.

'Clay Pomay' Matte Clay Pomade by Milkman

Milkman clay pomay matte clay pomade

For any blokes keen to start using styling clay, consider getting your hands on this Matte Clay Pomade by Milkman.

The creamy formula will work through and dissolve into your hair instantly - making your hair much easier to style and lock into place. The no-shine, matte finish will add a subtle texture to provide your hair-do with a natural look. 

What Is Styling Cream?

For guys chasing a hair-styling product with a much lighter grip, we’d recommend trying a styling cream.

Unlike styling clays or gel pomades, these products are well-known for their low to medium hold. They have just enough strength to tame flyaway hairs and fight off any frizz but are lightweight enough to not weigh down the hair. As for the finish, styling creams will usually leave behind a natural, subtle shine. 

Plus, their flexible hold also makes it easier to readjust and restyle the hair throughout the day.

Because of the light hold and natural finish, creams are best suited to guys looking for a non-greasy, everyday styling product.

'Dream Cream' Styling Cream by Milkman

If you're chasing a styling cream then Milkman's Dream Cream is definitely worth a look. It is great for free flowing looks that need some assertive, but not overbearing, hold.

Not only does it do everything you'd expect from a great styling cream, Milkman have added their renowned Whiskey & Dry fragrance so that you'll smell delectable all day long.

Like all their hair products, Dream Cream is also loading with hair moisturising and conditioning ingredients so you can make your hair both healthy & stylish at the same time. 

What Is Styling Powder?

Lastly, we have styling powder - another great styling product for guys chasing a much lighter hold. 

These styling products offer a powerhouse of styling benefits - adding texture and volume to any hairstyle, with a gentle hold to accompany. For the best results, apply a small amount to the roots of dry hair for a more voluminous look. 

Styling powders work best on guys with thin, short hair because it offers a much thicker, high-volume finish to any hairstyle. That being said, guys with medium to long hair can still stand to benefit from a styling powder, especially if their hair is on the thin side. The bulkiness that styling powder adds is amazing for guys that need to offset the sparseness of their thin hair. 

What Styling Product Should I Use

So, let’s answer that popular question - what styling product should I use?’ 

When it comes to choosing the best styling product for your hair, it all comes down to preference and what you’re trying to do with your hairstyle. For example, if you’re chasing a styling product with a very light hold and a natural finish, we’d suggest using a styling cream or styling powder. 

If you’d like a much firmer hold with the same no-shine finish, you might consider styling clay.

Gel pomades are best suited to guys with those classic hair-dos that look better with a firm hold and high-shine - such as the slick back, side-part, or pompadour.

Before you buy a hair styling product, take the time to consider exactly what you’re hoping to get from these products - this decision will help guide you to the best product. 


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